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From where does your soul find its peace?

Not a lack of nervousness, or a sense of general harmony; rather, true, deep down, inner peace which transcends all the struggles of life, the sorrows of failure the pains of being undone in our everyday relationships.

In other words, real deep in the bone-marrow peace!  Do YOU know that peace? Have you found that place to be a part of your everyday?

Can you feel such true peace in your soul even when the world around you collides with chaos?

Would you like to know that peace if you haven’t found it so far?  Well, let me share…

By the grace of God…

I have lived with that level of peace within my being and soul for many years. It was not always so and at times it still eludes me on rare occasions.

So, where does one find, dig up, and cultivate such peace within?

I can tell you now it is not a natural peace. Not one we are born with, not in the slightest; rather, it is only a peace we can find after we have been (Christianese) “born-again.

Early on in life I had spent twenty-seven years watching Masters of Martial-Arts, Yogis and Christian and religious people strive for that elusive peace, talk about such unbelievable peace and then watched as their lives failed to resemble such beautiful sweet peace when calamity struck their lives.

Many of the Sifu or Sensei I’d met; leastwise those of merit, spoke of that true inner peace as something that might be obtained “someday” after many years of training or meditation if one remained steadfast.

I spoke to many pastors and preachers, laypersons and educators who also spoke of such peace with a sense of awe and possibility and yet – each person seemed devoid of that actual peace, peace which is all encompassing and deep within the center of your soul or being and transcending general education, training and understanding.

Man oh man, this sounds utterly unattainable, doesn’t it? Almost impossible!

Well, it is not.

So here is how you can find such peace. A peace within your soul which cannot be shaken or stirred or even rattled; by the way, I’m not saying YOU cannot be shaken, stirred or rattled at least for a few moments — rather, I’m saying you can have a peace that will not be overridden, destroyed or disconnected from who you are or have become; NEVER again!

Here is how to find such peace:

First, you must realize this peace does not come from your inner being; does not exist in and of itself in the human condition. This particular peace comes from He who created you.  I call Him God, Jesus, Master and often the Savior of my soul.

I know, very Christian-esk. Okay, it is downright Christian with the key word being “Christ” the Risen Savior.  Yep, just say it, I belong to Jesus, Jesus is my Lord!

Get into the  rhythm of it…  I belong to Jesus, Jesus is my Lord!  I belong to Jesus, Jesus is my Lord!  Okay, I’m getting sort of off track… Sort of!

Now, even though I’ve been saved since I was 7 years old, known the Lord nearly my entire life, I still did not find this place of true peace until I genuinely surrendered my life and most of my will and ambition to the Lord and His ways and will. I was about 25 years old at the time. By the way, surrender takes place in stages, over time with effort for most of us.

Surrender starts by getting Saved (giving your life to Christ). If you don’t really know what that means then you should consult my book, “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse” pages 43-49; or get in touch with a local Christian church and or speak to a pastor or worship leader who knows Jesus personally.

Once Saved we begin a journey getting to know Jesus on a one on one personal level. The time it takes for someone to find that genuine place of peace is directly proportional to the effort and time invested in getting to know Jesus as a real, living and amazing God with His hands right down in the muck of your life; just like a real friend, yeah.  For He is the Living God made flesh, born by the joining of both God and a human.  God the Father beget Jesus so He could dwell among us, know our needs and weaknesses and then shed His blood for our shortcomings and sinfulness.  Though you may not get these connections at this time, you will.

Real peace comes when you finally begin to know Jesus is the real deal. Then, for most people, you can begin to trust this verse (among many) in Romans 8:27-29 (really the entire chapter).

And he [God] who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people [that’s you] in accordance with the will of God.  And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.

(Romans 8:27-29 NIV&NKJV)

Yep, that’s one of ’em.


We who are saved are the Children of the Living God! Swallow that concept in its totality.

Children of the Living God.

Once we come to surrender all things to our God knowing He is for us and nothing can happen in our lives beyond His comprehension and permission because “All Things” work together for good to us, His children, then we know we are safe in His hands and will.

Now, does that mean everything is going to work out the way we would like?

Well of course not; however, we can know (and come to experience) God working every relevant detail of our lives to accomplish His will, timing and purpose. There is grand plan to our lives and world.

Time and time again I have watched God take difficult circumstance, life events and tragedies, things I could not imagine could somehow be turned to my advantage and seen God cause those circumstances to turn to my good rendering such elements within my life as a positive outcome.  (I.E. I broke my neck at age 31.  That took a little faith and time to see God’s goodness and mercy. Yep!)

The ultimate answer:

God teaches us that He can be trusted beyond human reason.

God reveals Himself on a true personal level we can befriend and love as a Father and Brother.  Never forget He is always God, though.

God causes All Things to work together for good to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Finally, when you know God has your front, back and every side… you come to know you can trust what He is doing in your life. Eventually you learn to be content, happy, fulfilled and downright blessed in your walk with God.

Real peace, real peace that proceeds from trusting God and seeing your trust is well placed takes a little time, BUT, it is well worth the effort.

True peace comes from trusting the Lord and watching as God reveals His plan for your life today, tomorrow and who knows, maybe many years from now.

There is also the possibility God has a shorter road here on earth for you or me…

Even in that, once we truly know and trust our Lord and Savior and God, that’s okay too.

Find that peace that surpasses all human understanding.  Grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Lord.  First come knowledge and then understanding; not the other way around.

God be with you!