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Rent the Veil

Several years ago the Lord gave me a song which I titled, Rent the Veil.  The song spoke about God removing the veil of partition between God and Man and allowing His creation to see beyond this natural world and into the spiritual, into the heart of God perceivably.

Well, I had no idea just how attached I became to my music until that day when the Lord told me to give the song and all its rights to an Evangelist named Vivien Hibbert. I had not met her, this “Evangelist” prior.  That infamous (to me) Sunday morning, I struggled almost hopelessly towards the instructed goal.  I was practically refusing to hand over the song, its recordings or any of its rights to Ms. Hibbert.  I don’t know exactly why, I just couldn’t let go!

AS the first meeting at Grace Chapel, Tucson Arizona began that morning I sat struggling over the idea.

Prior to this date, the Lord had not asked me to give away any of the songs He had previously imparted to me. How could I release it?

That weekend however, as I kept hearing the Lord’s voice in my spirit telling me to give Ms. Hibbert “my” song, the premise of the song continued to resound in my heart.

I sat in derision that morning until the opening of her first prayer. Ms. Vivien Hibbert began praying, “Lord, rent the veils of our hearts and draw us near to You.”

The very title of the song and it foundational idea uttered in her opening words of prayer!

Vivien Hibbert uttered that very expression eight times in the span of five minutes.

Later that morning I approached Ms. Hibbert and gave her the song and its rights.

I was hoping for a move of the Spirit as she understood the sacrifice I was making! Haw, boy was I mistaken.

Ms. Hibbert could not have appeared less impressed with the song, my presentation of it or the song and her message’s spiritual connection.

Sadly, in retrospect, I realize I had recorded a truly poor rendition of the song and then presented Ms. Hibbert with a lackluster performance along with a hand written affidavit for the Song’s rights. Sorry Ms. Hibbert.

Ms. Hibbert was not at all moved or impressed even by my testimony or the amazing coincidence and connection to her sermon.

Truthfully, she did not need to be impressed, God had given me instructions and I fought being obedient the entire time; leastwise until I heard her opening prayer.

Why would the Lord bless me with her approval? It is God’s approval I should have sought.  Rather, I needed to stop acting like a child and obey the Lord regardless the cost.

Oh well, we grow, we learn – hopefully?

I have yet to hear whether or not Ms. Hibbert ever recorded or used that piece of music or its lyrics. It was and is a beautiful song whether she uses the music or not.  I finally obeyed.  Finally.

The song also belongs to Vivien Hibbert and Ministries and it is no longer my business.

However the Lord chooses to use His music is His business.

Oddly, I still find it difficult to let go. Sadly even after all these years.

That foolish will of man.

Songs can be like kids to the singer/songwriter sometimes.

Whatever else happens…

To God be the glory, power and praise both now and forever, amen!

Just one man’s struggle with obedience.

Thank You Lord for Your mercy.

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