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Survey Says!

Last year in 2016 nearly 3,000 individuals were surveyed by the Life-Way Research Biblical Solution for Life group, a survey commissioned by Ligonier Ministries. Of the many questions presented this one question caught my attention today.

Individuals surveyed were asked to make a personal judgment call on the following question by degree:



Question 22_4:            Modern science discredits the claims of Christianity

Agree strongly            18%

Agree somewhat         26%

Disagree somewhat     17%

Disagree strongly        23%

Not sure                     16%

Oddly, I’ve thought about this Q&A many times over the past decade and even sought the Lord’s counsel on more than one occasion. Here are a few things I’ve considered:

  1. We already know archeologists have missed the mark on the dates for the Hebrew Exodus by hundreds of years.  I enjoyed a recent movie on the subject, “Patterns of Evidence – Exodus.”
  2. Not long ago the greatest minds of the day thought the world was flat.
  3. A little more than 50 years ago science taught the world was made up of particles no smaller than the parts of the atom.
  4. Merely two to three decades ago science limited atoms to protons, neutrons, electrons and maybe something called gluons. Now we know of quarks, leptons, electron neutrinos, muon and muon neutrinos, tau, tau neutrinos, gravitons and the list goes and goes to string theory and dark matter etcetera.

What do we, “Mankind” really know?

So think about it… What do you imagine when you think about God creating our universe.  Does science have a better handle on the subject than we think?

I was speaking to my wife the other day mentioning the unqualified enormity of just one galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, and simply described the distances between our little Sol System and the next solar system and how these were just two tiny systems among millions or billions within our Milky Way Galaxy alone. I mean – wow!

So, with the sheer enormity of our universe in mind… Do you really believe, “if” for some of you or “WHEN” God created our universe He created each planet, each star nebula or galaxy as though they were brand new?  Was each star brand-new?  Did each planet have to form its own valleys, rivers, streams and mountains on day ONE?

What do you think… when Jesus created the earth was it merely a spherical ball without definition, or trees or fish in the seas or rivers, glaciers or even clouds?

Don’t you think God would have created this planet with all the necessary elements in place to push forward the life He was creating for His human undertaking?

I mean, really!

If we can believe God could create this universe we live in by merely speaking it into existence then why do we somehow find it hard to believe that God could equally create this world and the universe we live in as a whole with the entire backstory necessary for His grand plan?

Meaning, everything each animal, plant, ecosystem required to perpetuate or move forward in God’s plan for creating His Children. You know, God’s offspring, US!

Could our Creator not simply have snapped His proverbial fingers and created a planet with ten billion years’ worth of backstory and history included in the equation? Why ever not?

Have you looked at the size of our universe?

It is beyond massive…

Hence, Our God is an Awesome God – Who reigns from Heaven above – With wisdom, power and love – Our God is an Awesome God!

Just a thought, but I don’t think that would be much more work for the Creator of the Universe.

After all, humanity is really just in its infancy scientifically speaking. What do we really know?

Haw, only sixteen atomic particles, that’s funny… 🙂 When will we learn.  Trust God!

Please keep this article out of Scientific Journals, PLEASE!  I don’t want thousands of Scientists to lose jobs or heart.  He is God and a tough act to follow after all.

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