No blog today!

I’m scoring your quiz papers.

Actually I’m playing cards with my Dad.

But, don’t tell anyone.

Here’s a poem I wrote a long time ago just so you will not be bored. Smile! It’s a poem.  That’s what I’m calling it no matter what you think of it.Trusting the Lord

(Part One)

Bound By Oath

The candle flickered one last time, the wick petered out and light declined.

A sliver of light, from the setting of the moon, illuminated the paths where two specters loomed.

Noble and proud stood Calamity, the boy, a token of days, gullible and coy, he rescued Malisious from the hands of a troll, at the risk of his life or possibly the cost of his soul.

So Malisious the witch, whom he pulled from her grave, passed on the gift – to her savior of the day.

(Malisious) Understand this power, the gift that I give, tis a Gift of Promises empowering the bearer every word they have said.  Every oath, every promise, each pledge you shall make, through the Gift of Promises your words will take shape.  If you vow disaster, disaster will come, if you promise great wealth, then wealth of great sum.

A look of mirth quietly settled on his face – giddy with possibilities – he could not wait to embrace.

(Calamity) forbearance: a glorious gift comes to me from you? Thank you most sincerely for this gift you’ve imbued – my heart is most thankful, for this treasure that you give – if ever you are troubled, – just ask and I shall give.

Calamity did not realize a promise he now just made – would one day commit his services – Malisious for to save.

Here is just the first part of the poem.   More to come some other lazy day!