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Fairy Tales Doctrines?

Through the Pre-Tribulation Rapture fairy tale as well as other false End Times teachings Satan will likely destroy the salvation of many Christians. NO? Too many say…?

Think about it…

The Mark of the Beast is only relevant for Christians during the Great Consummation (not Great Tribulation) timeframe.images[1]

How can I say such a thing?

Because The Mark of the Beast will only exist as The Mark during the 3½ years of the Second Half of Christ’s Covenant. I know — most Christians mistakenly refer to this End Times period as the Great Tribulation; however, scripturally it should be referred to as the Great Consummation.


A Dog returning to it’s “V”!

Only when the Great Consummation has begun can The Mark actually exist scripturally (Revelation chapter 11 confirms this) it will not matter therefore if an unsaved person has received the Mark or bowed before the Beast.

Why, you might ask?


Because the unsaved are already damned, currently bamboozled, eternally lost in darkness without any hope of salvation, now, then and forever. It is like a Dog returning to its vomit… That is what they do!  The tragedy of this condition is that it will be irrevocable once the Great Consummation has begun. Don’t be a Dog!

Check God’s Word or check my book, “This Side of the Whirlwind.”

The Lost will be beyond redemption once the Great Consummation has begun and will remain that way, damned, on that Hell Bound Train, pushing up demon stools until Jesus returns WITH a bagging and the Saints in tow at the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ.

IN fact, the very purpose for the 2½ years of the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation is to challenge True-Christians during the Tribulation Period; a trial by fire to challenge Christians of the End Times to remain faithful; to help the Bride of Christ make Herself ready – for the Bridegroom (Jesus) in order to fulfill every pertinent prophecy (Revelation 19:7).

With this in mind, Christians remaining on earth during the Great Consummation, if Christians are not going to be on earth during the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation “and believe me we are” – then there would be zero reasons for the Mark of the Beast to exist.  Zero, zip, zata, nada, niente reasons for the Mark of the Beast to even exist.

Giving The Mark of the Beast to a damned person would be like pig-penpouring a bucked of filth on the Peanuts character Pig-Pin. Who would notice?

Add to this truth that once “He Who Lets,” also known as “The Restrainer”, has been taken out of the way (2 Thessalonians 2:7 and John 9:4-5) which is Jesus of course, the Big Holy Cheese (Not Swiss) the Bigger Holy Cheese, the Savior – Himself, then no one, no body, no one else – will be capable of providing salvation to anyone not currently saved at that time, period!

As in the words of Steven R. Harrel, that hack, “Ain’t happenin”. picture0420161306_1

It is for this reason Joel 1:1–20 and Ephesians 1:9–10 both indicate the free gift of salvation will no longer be available during the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation. Jesus spoke of this period in John 9:4–5 when He said there would come a time, a night, when no man could work. The Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation is that night.

During the Great Consummation, the governments of the world will require their prophecycitizenry to receive the new identification and financial device, The Mark by any other name.

By the way, The Mark is already being received which is happening throughout many places in our world.

Some Christians will find it difficult to believe, but the Mark of the Beast has come, is already here.

After all, the Mark of the Beast is a piece of technology which will onlymicrochip1 to be issued during the Great Tribulation better to be called the Great Consummation.



Remember, Pre-Tribers believe they will be raptured before God’s Wrath has hit the earth.

Therefore, something must be wrong with one of these teachings and the Lord said it was not “This Side of the Whirlwind” that was mistaken!

They are right though; there is no such thing as the Great Tribulation and will not experience a Great Tribulation event.

The doctrine of the Great Tribulation is a lie – straight from hell.lake-of-fire

The Great Consummation message truly exists and is inline with God’s plan for these Latter Days. By the way, the world is currently experiencing the Beginning of Sorrows and is nearly ready to begin the Great Consummation!

So you are right… and need to get it right with your Creator or don’t!

As for me and my house…

We will serve the Lord forever, amen!

Just for fun… here is a link for a radio broadcast with me, Steven R. Harrel being interviewed by J. Douglass Barker of Toginet.com –  Enjoy!


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