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Get-The Mark of the Beast-Today!

As the technology used for the Mark of the Beast has already hit the global markets, you’ll notice it is not labeled, “Warning—the Mark of the Beast.”

Reasonably, the Mark does not come labeled “The Mark”; rather, The Mark of thebit-chip4 Beast is sold as a tech tool – using convincing and desirable promotional guarantees, promising to better and make convenient everyone’s lives.

The Mark is or will be advertised with positive unifying features and quirky or appealing slogans, such as “Protect your loved ones; give the gift of security. Give the universal ID tags today.” In small print, it may read “Medical and financial features included.” Governments the world over will issue these new and modern identification wonders for tagging their prison populations and medically challenged citizenry as well as government employees to simplify and cut costs on government payrolls and social programs.

And of course, CPS will sooner or later promote the tech believing any loving MotBparent will certainly provide this modern and reliable identification system with tracking features for children just incase one of them becomes lost or is abducted.

With the Mark of the Beast will come the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine, which will categorically endanger the salvation of millions of Christians.

When Christians, many of whom currently believe in the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine, are placed in the dire position of deciding whether or not to embrace the new and mandatory financial and medical identification implant, many will allow themselves to be convinced by pastors or friends that the new tech cannot possibly be the Mark of the Beast. After all, according to Pre-Trib teachings the Mark will only exist AFTER the Body of Christ has been raptured, right? Wrong!

Many believers will persuade themselves and others that the new technology cannot possibly be the Mark of the Beast.

Politicians and pastors alike will claim the Mark of the Beast is only an archaic Bible story believed by zealots, extremists and of course religious simpletons.

The new technology cannot possibly represent that old religious nonsense for the Mark of the Beast. images9

Besides, the Mark of the Beast can only take place after the Body of Christ has been raptured; leastwise, that is what their pastor taught, and the Rapture has not taken place just yet, if ever.

So you have to decide what you are going to do WHEN the Mark of the Beast is solicited and later becomes mandatory.

What will you do?

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