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So Simple “The Mark”

Though it may appear simple on the surface for each of us to say we will not bow down and worship the Beast or its image, not taking the Mark will likely be the most difficult decision we ever have to make.

The mark will represent the currency and identification of the day.


Every government, state, city, store, business, or shop will soon require the Beast’s mark before allowing any form of business.

Not receiving the Mark will be comparable to not receiving a paycheck, cash, or payment for services rendered.

Christians will not be able to purchase their most basic health and food items, pay their taxes, feed their families, or even make mortgage or rent payments on their homes.

The Mark of the Beast will be invidious, telling everyone where we stand on our Christian commitment and walk with God.

So what are you going to say when Work, or CPS or government officials inquire as to why you are rejecting the new technology?  Really, what are you going to say to tell “them” you choose not to embrace the mandatory technology?

It is important to know what is coming so we can prepare.

God’s Word and “This Side of the Whirlwind” answer questions for the coming Storm! TSWW BK CoverRemember… the Skies may look clear but the storm IS on the horizon.

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