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What Quiz? THE #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind QUIZ on Twitter’s https://twitter.com/TSWhirlwind


Well it’s time to pull out the questions and see who has been paying attention.

The quiz presents 26 questions based on the book’s message (I bet you’ll never guess which book?🙂) “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse.”TSWW BK Cover

Wow, you guessed it! Go figure?

So here’s the scoop: The first person to Retweet or Gmail 20 correct answers from the quiz’s 26 questions wins a free copy of my book.

And the crowd roars; doves take flight, babies cry and chickens lay green eggs while cows are being milked upside-down!

Just try milking a cow upside-down, yeah, just try it!

The point is… many of the fundamentals within the book’s message are elucidated upon in this quiz.

Add to that fact, I think quizzes are fun as long as you don’t have to destroy your GPA in the process, thus losing a girlfriend because you’ve now lost that million dollar job because your GPA sucks and last but certainly not least – chickens came home to roost in your belfry and you’re not even sure you have a belfry.

So here is the entire quiz consolidated into one blog. Now it is your job to have the most fun you have ever had with a single quiz.  That’s right, the quiz is not.

Don’t disappoint me now!missing-piece

Oh yeah, the deadline for completion of this quiz is February 28th at midnight in the year of our Lord 2017.


That is an order 🙂!

          THE QUIZ IS ON!

Quiz1 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

1) When did the 1st ½ of Christ’s Covenant take place?

2) When will the 2nd ½ of Christ’s Covenant take place?

QUIZ2 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

3) Another name for:The Day of Vengeance of our God is?

4) The Acceptable Year of the Lord is also known as?

QUIZ3 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

5) What happens when the sun, moon and stars R darkened?

6) What will come as a thief in the night?

QUIZ4 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

7) What does “The Day of the Lord” represent?

8) When is God’s Wrath?

9) Who is the Restrainer or He Who Lets?

QUIZ5 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

10) Does the Rapture begin on-B4 or after the Day of the Lord?

11)Is there a 2nd & 3rd Coming of Christ Jesus?

QUIZ6 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

12) What will constitute “The Mark of the Beast?”

13) When will The Mark of the Beast be released?

Mid-Quiz commercial: A really sexy deep bass voice announces…

Join millions, well maybe thousands, okay… maybe just three other people in #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind’s first ever QUIZ for a chance to win a copy of the book, “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse” a $3,000.00 or maybe less value.  Well, maybe much less?  Okay it is a $38.95 value if you must know, plus S/H is included – Yeah! Not chicken-feed.  What’s with the chickens again?

Second half of the Quiz:

Okay, wipe your brow and dig in because the really challenging questions are yet to come!

He, he, haw, haw, ho, ho, haw, haw

(Remember the Wallace and Ladmo Show?)

Quizzes can drive you nutty.

QUIZ7 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

14) According to Daniel 9:27: He shall confirm a covenant for how many yrs?

15) Who is “He” in Daniel 9:27?

QUIZ8 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

16) The 70 Weeks of Daniel R divided N2 how many segments?

17) How many edicts has Christ completed so far?

QUIZ9 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

18) What is Split Versing?

19) Jesus returns “For” or “With” the saints at the 2nd Advent?

QUIZ10 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

20) Jesus returns “For” or “With” the saints @ the 2nd Coming?

21) The #GreatConsummation lasts how many yrs?

QUIZ11 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

22) Jacob’s Trouble was fulfilled by what 20th century event?

23) T or F: Tribulation Period is God’s Wrath?

QUIZ12 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

24) What are the primary differences between the Great Consummation

and Great Tribulation Rapture doctrines?

QUIZ13 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

25) What is the meaning behind the title of the book, “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse”?

QUIZ14 #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind

26) Put events in proper order: Wrath of God; 2nd Advent; 2nd Coming; Rapture; Tribulation Period; Armageddon


ANSWERS to the above questions will be posted on March 1st 2017.

Have fun or don’t do it at all!

Steven R. Harrel