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The Mark Comes! What Will You Do?

So, the Mark is coming! When the Mark of the Beast and all its related technologies become commonplace, the modern world as we know it will not be accessible to Christians. Believers who reject the Mark will find they cannot survive in the modern world without either submitting to the Mark or fleeing to the mountains for safety. Christian families will not be able to buy food or make mortgage payments. Those who have not planned for the coming crucible (the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation) will find themselves and their family up a creek without supplies.bit-chip4

When local governments begin to require their citizens to receive the Mark, it will be extremely difficult to say no. No, will not be an option. Before the new technology becomes the nation’s currency standard, everyone will already know someone who has received the Mark. Many already do and more will have friends and family who have rationalized away the concerns or Biblical objections to accepting the Mark’s bio-implanted tech. People will want to feel good about embracing what they intuitively know is against God’s will. Those who have acquired the device will justify their actions by saying, “Hey, it is the law,” or “We have to eat, don’t we?” Some Christians will even use God’s Word to rationalize receiving the new technology, declaring the Bible requires Christians to obey the government.[1]  What will you do?


Set The Trumpet To Thy Lips


[1] Romans 13:1–3, “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities …