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SCan You Save Your Child

Did you know you could go to many of our fine stores here in the good ole US-of-A and purchase bio-implants or microchips for your children? Sure enough, stores like Target www.target.com/Baby/Monitors‎


Bear in mind, governments and business communities will not name the Bio-implants or Microchip implants The Mark of the Beast. Of course not, Duh!

When the “Mark” has been established and become the norm it will affect every area of our lives. For example, before any child will be allowed to attend school, public or private the child will be required to the Mark.  Without this simple tool children will not have access to health or life insurance, become eligible for any type of government program or services, each child will be compelled to receive the technology for the Mark just to live a normal lifestyle. In effect, every citizen, young or old, rich or poor, healthy or infirm, everyone will be compelled to obtain the Mark of the Beast, regardless of religion or personal conviction. In this way, governments will be able to gain a unique and powerful control over every citizen in every country. These are the reasons conscience and religious-based objections were and are overwritten and removed from the laws of the land. Politicians and government leaders were unwitting pawns in Satan’s schemes, pulling their strings in order to change pertinent legislation so the Mark will function according to plan.

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bit-chip4The advent of the Internet made the Mark of the Beast possible. The World Wide Web facilitates global electronic integration, enabling the Mark to instantaneously update each bank or financial institution with every purchase. For many years, Internet technologies and software packages capable of maintaining international banking integrity did not exist; however, over the past few decades such technologies have been under rapid construction. Powerful technologies had to be developed before the Mark of the Beast could be successfully implemented on a global scale. Communications and financial technologies, such as smartphones, tablets, smart-wallets, and chipped credit/debit cards for banking and lending institutions require instantaneous connections with secure servers and processing systems. A technology such as the Mark of the Beast will require global financial systems to be capable of implementing a continuous and safe level of transmissions while manipulating trillions of bits of secured real-time data. Today’s international banking is only possible because of processing technologies and software capable of handling the current and potentially future levels of global finance. In 2015, one such software package has been integrated into financial systems throughout the world and recently added to the United States of America’s technologies. The program is called the EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa) payment system.[1]


As governments begin developing and executing updated versions of the new cashless financial construct, hundreds of millions of citizens, Christian and non-Christian alike, will scramble to possess the newest and most popular versions of the latest wetware-technologies.[2] Aside from the varied and newly compatible wetware technologies currently on the market, the Mark will be instituted and distributed at the earliest possible moment. Better services mean better biotech and a more efficient and interesting product line for the modern consumer. Today’s wetware contains ubiquitous computing[3] capabilities, which are designed to process personal finances anywhere and with any system. The EMV payment system operates in conjunction with NFC-compatible products functioning throughout the world with companies striving to compete over the global marketplace while integrating their technologies as quickly and efficiently as possible. The integration for the EMV payment system took effect in the United States on October 1, 2015. Any business, corporation, or service within the United States that wants to use the chipped or chip and PIN credit/debit cards must also be in compliance with all EMV standards no later than October 1, 2015. All latecomers are subject to a shifting of liabilities from the payment card companies to the privately owned business entity. Use of the new chipped cards is expected to bolster business for all mom-and-pop stores throughout the world. Unfortunately any vendors or merchants processing fraudulent chipped credit/debit cards without confirming card authenticity through an EMV scanning system will likely find themselves financially responsible for any type of fraud or misuse perpetrated. Though merchants are (supposedly) not required to purchase the new EMV payment system or scanners, failure to do so will likely be financially detrimental to any business.

[1] EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa payment system, merchant accounts and credit-card processing since 1998.

[2] Wetware: computer hardware and software integrated into the human biological system.

[3] Ubiquitous computing: computer technology and processing made to function anywhere and anytime.

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