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Where Are You in This?

The technology for the Mark will proliferate throughout the financial world long before the odious device itself will be employed as the Mark of the Beast. Only by bringing the technology into the forefront of modern society and fashion will the Beast be able to overcome much of the Body of Christ’s reluctance toward the tech as a whole. MotBOnce related technologies have exceeded the necessary levels for general acceptance and forward momentum, the Great Consummation will begin with the Beast compelling every citizen young and old to receive the financial and identification applications embedded within the Mark of the Beast. Tragically, Christendom possesses an excess of immature believers, baby Christians who never really mature, people who desire to possess the new and popular far more than they crave following God and His Word. All the red flags and warning signs in the world will not slow down these foolish babes in Christ. After all, a person does not need to be a Christian to have heard about the Mark of the Beast or know better than to accept its instant damnation!

Revelation 13:5, “… it (The Beast) was allowed to exercise authority for 42 months …”; Revelation 13:11–18, “… that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark …