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It has Come

The Mark, a biologically embeddable implant containing near-field communication technologies (NFC)[1], will provide a variety of personal functions, including but not limited to mobile banking, individual identification, GPS tracking, and access to all personal financial and medical information. Though the Mark may openly offer consumers a variety of worthwhile applications, its primary function will be to covertly provide governments with a severe level of control over all individuals and their finances. Those who do not possess the Mark will be ruthlessly limited in their ability to manage finances of any kind. When governments the world over convert from cash to cashless financial systems, retailers, wholesalers, department stores, chain food outlets, and warehouses of all shapes and sizes will be forced to accept the Mark of the Beast and only the Mark for all transactions. Businesses will require every employee to possess the Mark so they may meet government requisites, such as taxation and payroll. Employers will require employees to possess the Mark so they can be payroll compliant, managing taxation and the matching payments for Social Security and other types of insurance or installments. All banking will require customers to have the new technology for bank accounts and processing of all checks and credit and debit cards. A person will not be able to purchase anything, including a mortgage or food/health products without the new technology, the Mark.micronano201652-f51


micronano201652-f31Before any child may attend school, public or private, obtain health or life insurance, become eligible for any type of government program or services, the child will be compelled to receive the technology for the Mark.



In effect, every citizen, young or old, rich or poor, healthy or infirm, everyone will be compelled to obtain The Mark of the Beast, regardless of religion or personal conviction. In this way,

governments will be able to gain a unique and powerful control over every citizen in every country. These are the reasons conscience and religious-based objections were overwritten and removed from the laws of the land. Politicians and government leaders were pawns in these satanic schemes, pulling strings in order to change pertinent legislation.

Is any of this really farfetched?

For more information acquire your copy of “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse.”

[1] NFC: near-field communications technology is capable of transmitting payment data without the need for physical contact.