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When Christ Comes

Imagine if you will, that you are walking through a parking lot this afternoon; you cross the street into a busy crowd where people are hustling to the city’s pace and going about their own personal business. Then suddenly – everything around you turns dark, pitch-black—no sun, no moon no stars, just darkness. After a few moments emergency lighting kicks on, bathing you and those around you in the dim glow of flashing lights.  In the streets, headlights from passing cars kick-on as a few excited motorists regain control of their vehicles.  Nearby, someone comments on the dim flashing emergency lighting with a touch of concern. Parking lot globes begin to wink on as city streetlights spring to life. Like those around you, you are simply standing and observing what just happened and wondering what is going on; waiting, speculating. What is going to happen next? A few moments later, you happen to notice the blank expressions on the faces of those around you; mostly, they seem to be sharing that little spark of fear you experienced and seem to still be experiencing at this very moment. What could be going on? It is only two o’clock in the afternoon, why is it so dark? Then you notice the sky, there are no stars, you can’t even see the moon or clouds, just an endless starless dark pervasive stillness.

Suddenly, an eruption of sound teems from every direction as trumpets simultaneously shatter the silence, deafening with a universally ear-splitting barrage on the senses. Just as suddenly, the darkness is split by an utterly radiant, blinding light. The earth itself trembles and shakes from the intensity, gently at first, but within moments the ground heaves violently beneath and drives you to your knees. Most find themselves sprawled out over the ground. An odd hum begins to reverberate through the air when you then notice several people nearby vanish with a shower of dust. They are no longer lying on the ground where they only moments before were sprawled. The gentleman who was standing beside you is now gone, vanished into a burst of earth and sand! Where could he have gone? What could have happened so quickly?

Abruptly something catches your eye. Up in the skies, near the clouds you see a crowd of people floating near a bright and blinding image, a crowd of people just hovering near the clouds. How is this possible? It cannot be happening! You are terrified and yet awed at its magnificence.  This unimaginable sight you are experiencing cannot be real. Immediately you realize what is happening; you glance down at the device implanted in your right arm and begin to sob. Dear God in heaven, your pastor said God would understand your need. You were forced; there was no other choice but to take the new technology. Everyone said it was the only way to feed your family or pay the bills.

To late, you realize “now” it was not just a religious metaphor. Your brothers and sisters in Christ, those you called fanatical, backward Christians, were right and you are forever damned!

It will be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever be forced to make; do not accept any implant, marking, or device implanted or tattooed within or on your flesh that can be used or upgraded to manage finances. Regardless of what it may be called or what others may say, it is or at the very least could be The Mark of the Beast!

What will you choose?

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