The Mark of the Beast!

Be aware, the Mark of the Beast is already here! The Mark is currently being employed and implanted in people today. images[1]

The technology can contain GPS tracking capabilities and the tech necessary for storing and managing personal finance, identification, medical records, and every area related to a person’s business and social life. The technology currently exists and is being implemented by corporations and businesses at this very moment. All that is required for the Mark to exist and fulfill the prophecy is for the Abomination of Desolation or the image of the Beast to give the command to lock down personal finances in every nation. Once the command has been given, the Beast will be in power and the prophecy in a state of fulfillment. Keep in mind; it will take time to implant over nine billion people. It is for this reason people are currently receiving the Mark without realizing it is the Mark. People are currently receiving the Mark of the Beast, though most are completely unaware of what the tech is or what they are doing. Most will receive the Mark as a joke or ruse, thumbing their noses at Christians. The technology is being purchased as a passkey or financial vehicle or storage device with an additional capacity for managing a person’s medical files. To the business community, the Mark can be sold as an international identification device designed to facilitate travel and allow ease of movement through airports or across international borders. There are even children being tagged in order to provide protection against abductions. The tragedy is this; everyone who receives the Mark of the Beast will be damned once it is activated as the Mark of the Beast. Those parents who have just implanted their little ones for protection have essentially condemned their little souls. How tragic!

Discover the truth for your life. Have you been implanted without your approval?

If so, what would you do?

Would it truly matter to you?

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