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Another day in Prayer

(I was praying this morning and thought you might like to pray with me.)

Father God, I come before You in the precious name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.


  1. I acknowledge Your magnificence. I praise You my God. Lord You are my Master and the love of my life.
  2. Father, I come before You acknowledging my sinful nature which You have cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, Your Son, my Savior.
  3. In Your sweet presence Lord; the abyss of my darkest sins are as white as snow and sweet as honey. For through Your sacrifice I am holy, unblameable and beyond punishment, for You are my God. You are my ever present shield from sin and self.
  4. Lord, I pray to hear Your voice clearly. Not some muffled semblance of Your voice, but the clear and discernible sweetness which accompanies the songs within the voice of my God, hearing You clearly Lord, hearing You even as I know You must hear my voice at every moment. For You are the satisfaction of my every need and the sufficiency of my soul!
  5. Lord I pray I would come to love and care for others, Your people, even as I care for my own flesh. May I love them as You love them, precious Lord.
  6. Sweet Jesus, I ask that Your book, “This Side of the Whirlwind” accomplish Your goals and reach Your people with inspiration and warning while there is still time. Inspire the needed wisdom, Lord, reaching them while there is yet time for them to react and prepare.
  7. Lord, may Your message cover every detail thoroughly and efficiently according to Your perfect will and pleasure.
  8. Promote the book according to Your purposes and the needs of Your people.
  9. And help me to present Your revelations in power and truth. May Your people receive and may You send labors to aid in the sewing, for the days are running out.
  10. Lord, I rebuke the powers of darkness that have or are coming against Your will and works. Forbid them, in Jesus name, from delaying or encumbering Your messages, Your works or purposes.
  11. Lord, give me a heart of forgiveness and mercy. Let me see Your people even as You see them. Fill my heart will love and understanding.
  12. Lord Jesus, keep me from posturing, posing, or being fraudulent in any way either in my heart of hearts or through any false pretentions; let me be true, Lord.
  13. Finally Lord, I claim every square inch of every place I plant my foot or speak in Your name. I claim salvation for the souls of every man, woman and child within the sound of my voice or the glance of my eyes. I declare a fuller walk in You for every Christian I come upon. And Lord, I cry out, “The Lord rebuke you!” to every enemy of my Savior and His people.
  14. You are my God and this is my world in Christ Jesus! It is mine and I permit no place for the works of the enemy. So be it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God! Amen
  15. Thank You Lord for hearing my prayers and answering them each and every one in accordance with Your mighty will, amen!
  16. Now Father God, I give You praise and thank You for answering these prayers in Your glorious and majestic name, and in the name of my Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, Your Son, and of course through the power of Your indomitable Holy Spirit Who comforts and empowers me!
  17. To You be the glory and dominion and power and praise forever and ever! Amen!

If you need or want prayer or simply need to discuss your walk with God please feel free to make contact.