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Preliminary note:, there are numerous posts in the “True Life Series” which began chronologically one year before I was born.  The series takes the reader through the many and numerous supernatural encounters God used to train me in His ways and to appoint my life according to His purposes.  For example… the way God miraculously called me to be a Man of God literally one year before I took my first breath. Steve's 2006 Camping Trip 062


The “True Life Series” catalogues the volume of prophecies, visions, miracles and Words of Knowledge God used to teach me to accurately and effectively hear His voice and simply repeat His Words. The following story is just one puzzle piece in the grand plan while growing in God’s wonderful service.  To God be all the glory, praise and wonder for such is only a small piece of all that He deserves. Amen!

What a Trip

In March of 2006 I felt a prompting from the Lord to take an extended camping trip, or tour if you will, throughout nine of the western United States, National Parks mostly. I can’t say I felt the Lord prompting me to travel to all of the destinations I intended to visit; nevertheless, if I were going to be gone for nearly two months I might as well reap the full measure of the efforts and expense.

So it was decided, I would travel to Yosemite National Park and Klamath National Forest area in California, followed by Crater Lake in lower Oregon, Multnomah Falls region in upper Oregon, Glacier National Park in Montana and Canada, Bozeman Montana to visit family then off again to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and lastly, before returning to Arizona the Grand Tetons. Oh yeah, I also strolled across the rim of the Grand Canyon.


While on this trip, because the Lord had prompted the journey, I expected to have a significant encounter with the Lord at some out of the way location; alas, I did not experience anything extraordinary for my life. I must say, I found that a bit disappointing.

But! God knows best.steves-2006-camping-trip-109

To me, one of the more interesting facets of the trip revolved around how I felt driven, a prompting from the Holy Spirit, to write a new song about false prophets and prophecy. The finished song received the title, “The Soul of the Prophets.” During the process of writing this piece I experience an interesting encounter on the banks of the Yellowstone Lake:

I had spent several days in Yellowstone and was heading out of the park and down toward the Grand Teton when I decided to pull into a road side pullout and work on the second verse to the new song. The area where I pulled over was fairly isolated and off the main highway 14 roadway. It could not be seen from the road. I wanted a little peace and quiet in this grand beauty surrounding Yellowstone Lake and I was determined to find it.steves-2006-camping-trip-093


So here I am in a secluded little pullout; anyone who knows this route knows there are dozens of pullouts beside the waters of the Yellowstone, and yet, somehow I was drawing a crowd.

Within half an hour of my pulling over and grabbing my guitar – one car after the other pulled into the area where I sat playing and singing. The tourists pulled right up next to my vehicle, stepped out of theirs and began gathering around me as if I had invited everyone for a concert. No one said anything to me; rather, they just listened, smiles and chatted softly between one another. When I had finished playing and singing and working on the song the bystanders simply returned to their vehicles and left without a single word.

I don’t know, I just thought that was kind of strange, so I thought I share the story with you. I don’t know that it means or meant anything, just thought it sort of interesting.


One unexpected side effect I gleaned from this trip was a new and profound sense of freedom.

Freedom to enjoy the liberties God has provided in our lives; leastwise, in mine at this time.

Prior to taking this trip I have always felt an obligation to further my education should it be necessary to pursue some future career, or spend my time working on music for the Lord or any number of other studious pursuits rather than simply enjoying the bounties of God’s beautiful world. I was able, at that time, to simply spend days enjoying the forests and mountains and above all, the opportunity to commune with the Lord.  Now for the first time since I had broken my neck, I was able to kick back and truly enjoy myself.  Thank you God.

I wondered at that time if I would now feel the peace, a released burden as if the season I was living in at that time might not just come to an end and a new one begin. I was right, though I was not sure at that time. It also seems to be the way the Lord deals with me in my life.steves-2006-camping-trip-664


I wrote the above piece in a spiritual autobiography which I began in 1999. By the time I completed the trip, which took 50 days, I knew something was about to change but had no idea what that might be. Then in the summer of 2006, just a couple months later, the Lord instructed me to write the book, “This Side of the Whirlwind” which is related to the End Times.TSWW BK Cover

It is amazing how the Lord does things.

Share if you will, if you have a few incidents in your life where the Lord moved in such a beautiful and profound way before bringing you into a new phase of your life and walk with Him.

Brother in Christ!~

Steven R. Harrel

By the way… Merry Christmas!