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What will be its value?


How should I know?

When your nation shifts its current monetary system from its current cash; Smart Phone, Credit/Debit systems to The Mark of the Beast (because God’s Word declares it will take place) of what value will your bank-accounts be then. You will no longer have access!

If “as a Christian” you are not permitted to utilize The Mark technology (and The Mark [in all its various versions] will be the only game in town) what will you use to purchase survival foods and equipment? How will you buy food, pay your rent/mortgage or make installments on your taxes – etcetera.

TRULY, if you do not possess the necessary tools and or supplies at the moment when The Mark begins (and they will not warn you) what will you use to feed yourself or your family; and what will you use to purchase those things needed for survival?


And remember, the technology for The Mark is already in play. People by the butt-loads are implanting a tech similar to or exactly like what the Mark “is” or will be.

Just one significant thought to consider.

Psyche!  This is the end of this post! 🙂 He, he, heeeee!


Haw, haw, hawwwwwwwww Ooops I burped.

Brother in Christ!   Think about it!

Steven R. Harrel