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Not God’s Wrath 4

Steve's 2006 Camping Trip 015

The survival stashes are not just for your own personal needs; rather, survival supplies need to consider a few personal wants when possible, as well as general needs. When possible, the survival stashes should provide some moral support, as well as supply every member in the group with those things the person genuinely needs to survive, for example, items the individual cannot physically live without, such as blood-pressure medicines. As you can see from the list, the survival stashes will require significantly more resources than the simple list contains. The more people in a group, within reason, the more people there will be to share the financial and physical load for each survival stash location. Each survival stash must comprise numerous weather-sealed containers capable of being buried forsteves-2006-camping-trip-101 several years without suffering harm. How tragic it would be to need the supplies and find every container destroyed by water or a cave-in from surrounding earth. Whatever else the stash containers are, they must be reliable.


dscn7341Pam and I found these containers at both Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement.  The cost runs between $55.00 and $75.00 depending on which size unit you purchase: 45 Gal – 55 Gal.  Some sport wheels and a handle while other have rails and deeper, more water tight seals.


Your group of survivalists must consist of people you trust with your life and the lives of your family and friends. Preferably, the members of your group have become lifelong friends while obtaining the survival skills necessary for the tasks and terrain ahead. Some of the skill sets you and your family have gained should fall in line with the necessary skills listed here. Think about the skill set needed for surviving in your area and with your group of Christians.  You will want:

  • hunters, people who know the wildlife, terrain, and skills for hunting the seasonal animals while traversing the landscape in your areas
  • farmers, people educated in gardening and gathering nature’s indigenous bounty
  • doctors and medical personnel with the various skill sets needed for survival
  • medics, nurses, EMTs, paramedics—anyone with sufficient medical skills and knowledge
  • mountaineers, people with the knowledge of local terrain
  • cooks who can do a lot with a little (Good food breeds hope and encourages faith).
  • herbalists or wild plant specialists, those educated in local flora and fauna
  • effective leaders and security personnel who will follow the leadership’s directions
  • diehard Christian leaders whom others will want to follow while surviving
  • individuals who can survive on their own but chose to serve the Body of Christ instead
  • friendly, compassionate Christians who want to serve each other and the Lord
  • strong, fighting men committed to Christ and peace in the Lord
  • strong-willed, godly women submitted to their husbands and families, willing to serve the group as well as Christ

Does she look tough enough?   🙂

Getting Prepared

Develop a go code and a gathering spot or two in case things begin abruptly. It is important to practice packing up and heading out to the first survival location. Only fully committed Christians are acceptable in your survival group. After several weeks, lukewarm Christians will likely quit and return to their homes in the city. A short period after their return home, local officials will pressure the weak-minded believers into divulging locations of family and friends.[1] Such information will eventually lead to the death or incarceration of you and your family. Depending on the nation or people in question, diehard Christians will be returned to the city where they will be imprisoned or put to death. True Christians will be captured or killed for trusting weak-minded pseudo-Christians.[2]

No matter the reason, true Christians cannot allow pseudo-Christians weak in faith to join their survival group. Scripture indicates believers will be betrayed even by parents, brothers, sisters, other relatives, and friends and eventually put to death (Luke 21:16 NIV).

Even before the need arises to leave your current location, always have the next location mapped out and scouted before arriving. It is important to limit who knows about the other locations. Practice emergency meetings where you discuss bugout locations with your group and work with survival equipment. Be careful whom you trust. Never reveal bugout locations to those outside of your group. Establish a standard code of conduct for everyone before the Great Consummation has begun. Require everyone to sign off on the group rules. Remember, fear prompts an overly protective response in most people. Natural human responses can cause problems; be wise. Discuss and define punitive measures for moral infractions, such as stealing and hording of food or group resources from other members. Establishing such measures and guideline before any crisis begins should help provide stability during any time of trouble or discord. Draw clear lines of communication and authority. Be firm but fair, and frequently pray together as a group.

Lastly, trust the Lord. For in trusting the Lord there is peace.  Even though scripture informs the Body of Christ that nearly two-thirds of all True-Christians will be killed or martyred during the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation, this is necessary in order to fulfill obligatory prophecies for Christ’s Covenant (Zechariah 13:6-9).  Every vision and prophecy pertinent to the Covenant of Jesus Christ will be fulfilled before the End can come.

Trust the Lord!

May God be with you and yours from now until we meet at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, standing before our Savior and King and God our Father. Amen!



Steven R. Harrel

Brother in Christ


[1] Daniel 11:32–35.

[2] Daniel 11:32–35.


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