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Not God’s Wrath 3

Survival Stashes

If eating and keeping warm is important to you, then creating multiple survival stashes should rank high on your agenda. Survival stashes are comprised of everything you could possibly need to survive in your wilderness environment. Remember the four seasons. Numerous survival stashes filled with a multitude of supplies from every category should be securely marked and buried throughout your survival arena or arenas. Whether forested landscapes, wilderness areas, or primitive topographies, your landscape of choice needs to be littered with survival stashes long before the Great Consummation begins. Every survival group will need a dozen or more stash locations ferreted away in hard-to-find and out-of-the-way locations. The resources required to supply the survival needs of twenty or more individuals can be quite extensive. Each stash location should be thoroughly marked on private maps or geographic storage devices with GPS coordinates clearly outlined within. Only the most trusted members within your group should have access to all the maps or knowledge of each burial site. In fact, only a few members should know every supply location. It is also important to scatter your survival stashes over as large an area as possible, touching on the entire arena in which you intend to set up shop for survival. Should people stumble across one or more of your groups or campsites, the area should be vacated as soon as possible. Do not return to the previous location until sufficient time has elapsed, guaranteeing, if possible, anonymity and privacy. This is one of the primary reasons additional resources should be ferreted away throughout the entire survival arena. After a reasonable and sufficiently long respite, members of the group should scout out the area before returning to or looking for any remaining survival equipment or supplies. Group members may only get one mistake.

When possible, purchase the lands upon which you intend to set camp. As long as your group does not overstay camping restrictions or create troubles of any kind, federal and state lands generally allow camping for limited periods of time. Know the difference before you are confronted by the forest service or other authorities. Public lands should provide adequate camping facilities with a wealth of discreet locations. Private lands may or may not prove more problematic.

Whenever possible, it would be of tremendous advantage to build one or two small, well-hidden subterranean shelters that should include storage facilities. The more survival stashes and storage facilities your group can establish and fully supply in advance, the greater your chances for anonymity and survival.

Unless you are an exceedingly wealthy Christian, do not attempt to pursue all of these goals by yourself. The Body of Christ is your family. As such, we are compelled to help one another when possible. First and foremost, we are called by God to serve His/our family. We are to wisely and carefully aid our Christian community with this pursuit for survival. Even if you and your individual family could accomplish such a project on its own, Christians should include other members of the family of Christ. There are many advantages to additional skills and helping hands. A Christian with such prolific resources could also help several families develop survival stashes and locations of their own. God is calling all of His children to the aid of the others. The Great Consummation is God’s end-game for the Time of the Gentiles and is designed to separate true Christians from pseudo-Christians before the Rapture calls us all home. True Christians are all about serving and obeying the Lord Jesus Christ. This includes serving Jesus’s brothers and sisters too. As mentioned earlier, Jesus said, “… inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.”[1] Bear in mind, some, if not all, of your survival stashes could be lost to prying eyes or authorities. Having additional stashes could make the difference between an abundant life and death. It is imperative we all begin looking for true Christians who hear the call and respond. Serving our fellow believers is another way of fully serving our Lord. We are to serve and grow in Christ with our Christian brothers and sisters as children of God. Such service is important and necessary for the Body of Christ in these Latter Days.

Each survival stash should be stored in a water-tight container that can be buried for long periods. Your survival stash should provide but not be limited to the following types of supplies and items. It is advantageous to keep winter survival stashes below 5,500 feet in elevation in case a stash needs to be accessed before spring thaw. The following list is only cursory. Build your survival stash sites according to your wants and needs.


  • several water purifiers and purification tablets or kits—for example, tincture of iodine 2 percent or better with a knowledge of how to use the iodine
  • at least one heavy cast-iron Dutch oven with lid, skillet with lid, coffee- or teapot with lid
  • several metal pails with handles
  • a variety of long-term food resources, including vitamins and minerals (vitamin C staves off scurvy; iron helps to prevent anemia and weakness, and so on)—think survival first but not just survival
  • alcoholic beverages: liquors, whiskey, wine, and so on, for their numerous uses
  • learn to make bread from scratch using natural grains
  • a multitude of blankets, sleeping bags, and jackets, along with winter and summer clothing
  • baby supplies
  • Bibles, which may or may not be outlawed by the time the Great Consummation begins
  • weapons for hunting (weapons should be placed in survival stashes with adequate ammunition and cleaning supplies to maintain the equipment)
  • bows with arrows, providing a near-silent hunting environment though more skill is required
  • knowledge of how to preserve or jerk meats using a smokehouse
  • fishing and trapping equipment
  • fish traps for streams and rivers
  • knives for skinning and cleaning a kill
  • salts for preserving and seasoning meats
  • knowledge of how to make fire from scratch
  • seeds for vegetables (learn about mini and survival gardens—a large garden will likely attract unwanted attention)
    • Make numerous mini-gardens, two to four feet across and spread out in natural formations over larger areas. You must map or GPS garden locations.
  • small lights, lamps, or lanterns with fuel and containers
  • comprehensive medical kit, including medicines, bandages, antiseptics, anesthetics, sutures with needles, scalpels and sharp surgical cutting tools, antihistamines, dental floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and so on
  • emergency medical kits
  • personal medications and treatments
  • solar battery packs/chargers with a crank
  • solar-powered radio
  • numerous compasses
  • fire-starting equipment, including matches and lighters of all kinds
  • rain slickers and ponchos
  • tarps of various sizes
  • items for barter—small, tradeable items (emergencies may require the group to trade with people who have received the Mark of the Beast, and the only way to buy or sell may be with valuable tradeable goods)
  • gold jewelry, other jewelry items, art, weapons, tools of any kind

We should be able to conclude “Not God’s Wrath” with one more installment. Until then…

Major Tom to Ground-Control… Beep…

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[1] Matthew 25:33–46, “Inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.”

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