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Zero Doubt 3

In the previous post I touched on how God orchestrated a chain of events to answer the prayer I prayed in Fontaniva Italy. In a nutshell, I prayed, “God, if You will show me that You are really there I will serve You all the days of my life.”

The first four links:

  1. First Link: April of 1984 the Kansas minister Mike Atkins comes to Marana, Arizona just north of Tucson and ministers to a small Assembly of God church leaving a VHS tape with a prophecy he received on at least three occasions.
  2. Second Link: Four months later on August 20th Monday, John and I drove to Sierra Vista Arizona while discussing Romans 7:14-25. We discussed this section of scripture Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  3. Third Link: August 21st while at lunch at my father’s friend’s home, I received the first of eight identical prophecies from the daughter of my father’s friend.
  4. Fourth Link: The following night at the church my father goes to I receive the second installment of the prophecy from a different person; a woman named Vera. I was convinced they must be in collusion. It was just too weird!
  5. That same night the pastor preached on Roman’s 7:14-25. What are the odds?
  6. That same night, my knees which had been injured since I was twelve year old, were healed when the pastor, Larry Deason, prayed for me.

By the way, the prophecy went like this:

“Thus saith the Lord, I shall open doors for you that no man can close and eyes that many may see and ears that many may hear.  And I will exult your name beyond your wildest dreams as long as you exult My name, for I love you My son.”

Now really! What are the odds of just those few events coming together?

On to link Five:

Fifth link: Two days later, Friday, August 24th 1984 Pam and I played the videotape recorded from John’s church recorded four months earlier.


A little Old School tech!

Remember, on Monday while Preacher John and I were driving to Sierra Vista, Arizona we discussed a Music Minister by the name of Mike Atkins who had recently visited John’s church in Marana, Arizona.  Marana is approximately a two hour drive from Sierra Vista where I received the first two prophecies.  I asked for the tape because I was intrigued by the idea of a person traveling all the way from Kansas to Marana, Arizona to deliver a message to 100 or less people.  I thought, “There can’t be much money in it for him?”  So, I asked John if he could get a copy of the meeting so I could see what this guy was all about.  John said his wife, Ruth, would bring in the VHS recording on Friday when we returned, and so she did. I promised I’d watch the video promptly, and so we did.

Friday night after getting home from Sierra Vista I shared the strange week we’d had with Pam, my wife. We laughed about how I considered the two women, Debbie and Vera, silly for attempting to deceive me with such and obvious attempt at collusion over the “supposed” divine prophecy.  “What a joke,” I said.  “What would make these people (their church) believe I would fall for such an obvious deception?”  Really, I said, “The idea of two different people giving me the same or verbatim prophecy over the course of two consecutive nights is really absurd!” I, more than Pam, laughed over the unlikely possibility and then went to watch the video of Mike Atkins and his ministry.

Pam 1984

Steven R. Harrel & Family – 1984

Within twenty minutes our laughter turned to shock and awe! Here we were in Tucson, Arizona watching a video recorded four months earlier in a city two hours north of Sierra Vista.  We were watching a recording of a church and its congregation which were independent and totally separate from the church and people of Sierra Vista.  On that video that night we watched as Mike Atkins delivered his amazing testimony.

Mr. Atkins began, “The first time I realized God was calling me into ministry I was in…!”  Mr. Atkins then relayed three distinct encounters with ministries and or individuals where God called him to serve the Body of Christ.  In each of these encounters someone relayed the following prophecy,

Thus saith the Lord, I shall open doors for you that no man can close and eyes that many may see and ears that many may hear.  And I will exult your name beyond your wildest dreams as long as you exult My name, for I love you My son.”

Imagine that, the same prophecy, given to me five times over the course of four days. I received or heard the exact same, verbatim prophecy five times from three different sources and three different cities.  Wow! What were the chances that such a thing could happen? Three different people in two different cities and one on a video tape recorded four months earlier.  Pretty unlikely, wouldn’t you say?  Well that is not the end of it.  God must have really wanted to sink home the message.

Well, Pam and I knew God was doing something amazing even if we did not know exactly what He was doing at the time.  I was utterly confident this was an answer to my prayer in Italy.  We decided to check out the church in Sierra Vista and see if the Lord could possibly be leading us to their church.  And so He eventually did…


Sixth link: Approximately one month later, September of 1984, I sat in my front room reading from the eleventh chapter of Romans.  About halfway through the chapter I stumbled across the exact prophecy Debbie, Vera and Mike Atkins had quoted.   I placed my thumb in the spot where I found the quote and carried my Bible into the next room.  I said to Pam, “Look honey, this must be the place where those three got the prophecy.  You know the, ‘I shall open doors fopicture0420161306_1r you…’ prophecy.  It even had the supposed missing part.” Unfortunately, as I opened the Bible where my thumb was still marking the spot the prophecy was gone.  The scriptures written there on the page had changed.  I searched the Bible in case somehow my thumb had slipped, though I knew this was not the case, and eventually found one location in Revelation which sounded vaguely similar, but not an exact match.  I know what I saw and read, but could not prove “it” even if I tried.


Well, this is a good place to stop for now.  Look for Zero Doubt 4

We have only touched on six links thus far. The most exciting elements of this True Life story are yet to be revealed.

Believe it or not, at the end of this story I had an (almost) face to face with the Creator while hanging on the side of a cliff nearly 200 feet in the air. I actually thought I was going to see God’s face at that moment.

I’m probably lucky I didn’t.

Well, until next time…   DON’T touch that dial.

I think it is on channel 4, or it could be 13, no wait, that’s the News.

I don’t know, just look me up wherever you found me. I’ll be here!

God Bless!   This is where the test pattern kicks in!   “Beep” No, not burp!  That is a completely different test of sorts.