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Zero Doubt 2

So, in “True Life 5: Zero Doubt” I shared THE prayer I prayed while in Fontaniva, Italy. Here is what happen later…

Five years later beginning with a work-trip to Sierra Vista, Arizona God answered that prayer in a truly profound and intricately unbelievable way.  The following unveils the miraculous links which bind and validate the upcoming Word of the Lord: there will be eight or nine links in this chain which are ultimately connected. You will see!


We will start four months before my first encounter with God answering the prayer through this prophecy – given eight times over nine months – while in three different cities and finally hanging on the side of a cliff some 200 feet off the forest floor.

Everything that follows is true!

First link: In April of 1984 Mike Atkins, a music minister and preacher from Kansas ministered to a tiny Assembly of God church in Marana, Arizona called the Lighthouse Assembly of God. Maybe 65 – 100 people in attendance at that time.  While Mr. Atkins ministered, the church recorded Mr. Atkins presentation on a VHS magnetic tape.

Second link: Four months later, Monday, August 20th of that same year I was sent to Sierra Vista, Arizona with John, commonly referred to as “Preacher John” by fellow roofers to repair several apartment complex roofs.  As John and I shared the 90 minute drive to Sierra Vista we began discussing the book of Romans, chapter 7, verses fifteen – twenty-five.  This is the passage where Paul the Apostle discusses the battle between our fleshly man and spiritual man.

Third link: Tuesday John and I continued to discuss Roman’s 7:15-25 while working. After work that day I was invited to dinner with my father and his friends who lived just outside of town.  John did not come.

At dinner we discussed their theology and religious viewpoints. As I had been raised in a conservative Baptist background I found the charismatic theology of my father’s friends a bit strange and off-putting.  I was not opposed to pulling out Bibles and discussing Bible stories, but it was not common in my circle of friends or family at that time.  Fortunately, I was comfortable in God’s Word. However, that evening was the first time I had encountered another person, besides myself, who thought they heard what they believed was God’s voice too. I did not know if her prophecies would come to pass at that time.  I did however sense there was something to the prophecies she was uttering, there was and they did.

Shortly after dinner their Bibles hit the table and “they” began to pray. Boy did they pray!  All I could do was bow my head and pray till they were done.  After many minutes of prayer, one of the women, Debbie, about 26 years old, spoke up and declared, Thus says the Lord!  She then looked straight at me and said,

“My son, I shall open doors for you that no man can close and eyes that many may see and ears that many my hear; and I will exult your name beyond your wildest dreams as long as you exult My name, for I love you my son.”

Debbie, then followed this prophecy up with a vision which I will not go into at this time if only to save time and space; maybe on a different post?

Fourth link: As John and I worked the next day we continued our discussion on Roman’s 7:15-25. I was unhappily prodded into going to my father’s church the following night, Wednesday.  Once again, Preacher John did not attend.  It was however an excellent presentation of praise and worship during the service.  The small church of seventy or more raised their roof in exultations for 30 or more minutes until suddenly at the peak of praise, a woman, Vera, possibly 55 years of age, announced loudly,

“My son, I shall open doors for you that no man can close and eyes that many may see and ears that many my hear; and I will exult your name beyond your wildest dreams as long as you exult My name, for I love you my son.”

The Pastor then pointed at me and said, “Steve! That Word from the Lord was for you! Did you feel those chills running up and down your spine?”  I said I did not, because I did not. And then the Pastor repeated, “Well, that Word from the Lord was just for you.”

That night I decided those two women must have planned to repeat the same “prophecy” to me. I didn’t know why they would waste their time plotting for my benefit; after all, I did not live in their city or share their theology or possess much money.  Sure, I was a Christian, but not a charismatic rich one.

Well, as it turns out, the sermon that night was on Roman’s 7:15-25, the same section of scripture John and I had been discussing for three days. Add to that, I was healed as I left the church that evening. The Pastor, Larry Deason, caught me at the door to share a Word of Knowledge he had received about my life.  The Pastor said he knew the Lord had called me into Christian ministry two years earlier, and he was right.  The one and only time God spoke into my spirit telling me I would one day minister in music and the Word had taken place almost exactly two years earlier in Temple, Texas.  Only my wife, Pam, knew of this experience and had yet to even visit Sierra Vista by this time.  To add fuel to the fire, the Pastor then stated I had problems with my knees and wondered if I would like to be healed.  Of course, as I did have issues with my knees, I said yes.  Pastor Deason then instructed me to lift up one knee at a time as he prayed, “In Jesus name be healed” over each knee.  I didn’t know it then, but I was healed.

The following day as I worked with Preacher John, he commented near the end of the day that he had not seen me work squatting down before. He previously noticed I always bent over to lay shingles or tar the roof.  He wondered what was up.  Amazingly, I hadn’t noticed it either.  I had been squatting down all day while I worked and did not suffer the usual pains associated with bending my knees.  I was healed and did not recognize my knees were not hurting until John mentioned it that afternoon.  Praise the Lord!

Since Pastor Deason prayed for me and God healed me 32 years ago, I have not suffered even one more painful episode with my knee though I did reinjure my left knee just a couple years ago. Thank You Lord for the healing!

There will be several more links in this miraculous chain of events. Due to the length of this true life story, I will divide the event over another one or two posts.  The really exciting events are yet to come.

Bear in mind, it is rare for someone to get three people to agree over the same details when they have each witnessed the same incident.  Imagine this: I have just shared the first two encounters of eight identical, verbatim prophecies given in three different cities over the course of nine months by six individuals from different states, cities and churches.  Now, for these six individuals to agree would be a miracle!  Tune in again for the next, This Side of the Whirlwind: “True Life Zero Doubt 3” and read the remaining accounts of receiving the prophecy.  The last one is a doozy!

Let me know your thoughts so far: thanks! Steve





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