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Healed through a Child

It was early morning, November 25 1987 and I was working for Hayes Inc. Roofing in Tucson, Arizona. That morning as I carried an airless paint sprayer up a frosty ladder to the roof above, a single story flat-roofed home, where I had an unfortunate accident.


I was nearing the top of a 16’ extension latter when my left foot slipped on the icy rungs. In that moment, as I held the sprayer in my left hand and groped for the top rung with my right, I was abruptly pulled down and to the left barely maintaining purchase of the top rung. By the grace of God I was able to hold firmly to the latter with my right hand and still keep my right foot safely planted on the ladder; unfortunately, the left side of my body was violently jolted, twisted and torn by the weight of the plummeting paint sprayer.

In that instant I knew I had severely twisted my lower back and left shoulder. I knew I would be forced to stop work for the day; fortunately, however this accident took place just one day before the Thanksgiving weekend providing me with several days to recover before needing to return to work the following Monday.  Thank you Lord!

Sad to say, the following Monday I was nearly as damaged and in as much pain as the day I was actually injured. I was forced to call in sick yet another day.

After I made the call to the office, I decided to sit down with my little girl at the kitchen table. Crystal, my daughter, was having breakfast at the time.  She was just a few days shy of 5 years old, nevertheless, she asked if she could pray for my back, which of course I said yes.  Crystal took on a serious look as she placed her tiny little hand on mine, closed her pretty blue eyes and boldly prayed,

“Lord! I re’butte da de’bel [sic] in Jesus name! Heal my daddy’s back so he will fill bedder [sic] and be able to go to work!  I pray this in Jesus name! Amen!”

Her first line cracked me up. She was trying so seriously to say, I rebuke the Devil but the best she could make out was “Lord! I re’butte da de’bel in Jesus name!”

I said thank you to my little girl and felt blessed she would pray with such heart-felt emotion for me, her daddy. It’s a sad commentary that I didn’t give her pray much credence.  I didn’t really believe God was going to heal my back through her prayers at that time.  Thankfully, I was dead wrong!

After a few moments, I decided to get up from the table and wouldn’t you know, by the power of God, I was miraculously healed!

I stood up and realized immediately that my back no longer hurt. Not in the slightest!  I twisted and turned and bent over several times realizing I was actually healed.

Though my daughter did not seem shocked, I was. Crystal and rejoiced and praised the Lord for his intervention and mercy.  I thanked my little girl for her faith as I grabbed my gear and headed off to work.  When I got to the shop most of the crews had already left for pending job-sites; nevertheless, I told everyone who would listen and was still there that my God healed me through my little girl’s prayers.

I was able to return to work that day without feeling the slightest stress or strain on my back. Thank You and praise You my Lord!

december-12-and-13-187This is my daughter today: Crystal and her loving husband Brent.


Love you Doodlebug!




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