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Years ago I worked for my father-in-law’s Roofing Company doing every possible roofing job under the sun, and I mean literally every dirty job under the scorching Arizona sun.


On one of these scorching assignments I was sent to the home of Bobbie. Bobbie was an amazing and intelligent woman; in fact, one of the first women to ever graduate from Harvard Law.  Boy could that woman hold a conversation!

Bobbie’s home was tucked into the Tucson Mountains on the western side of the city of Tucson sporting a scenic route about a half mile in length from her front gates to the house. As I drove up this beautiful winding dirt road I suddenly heard the Lord’s voice pierce the silence.  The Lord said, “Get out of your vehicle and survey the lands. I will give you all of this land for a Christian retreat.”  I was a bit stunned.

I was looking over a gorgeous section of Sonoran Desert covering many hundreds of acres of natural desert littered with cactus and shrubbery along with several prominent hills each reaching three to four hundred feet in height. What a beautiful sight.  Where would the Lord take this?

My job that day was to finish off the final details on Bobbie’s roof. She decided to apply a flat and smooth five-ply roll roofing which was to be painted with an elastomeric type coating in the color of Desert Tan.  Finishing the watertight seal and painting the roof would have completed her job.

When I arrived no one was home, so I began the job posthaste and was nearly halfway across the roof by the time Bobbie arrived. Bobbie and I had not met before and this was the first time I had actually worked on her roof.

As Bobbie drove up and parked her car she was immediately swarmed by her six dogs. She looked up smiled at me and then shrugged, as if to say, “What can I do, they love me!”

Bobbie then gathered her groceries from the back of her wagon styled vehicle and began to make her way to her kitchen door when suddenly she stopped – a startled look suffused her face just before she gaped up and in my direction.  She looked as if she were about to say something but then thought better of it.  It also looked as if she decided there was too much noise from the barking dogs to try and say anything.  Bobbie then disappeared into her home for several minutes.  I wondered why she had looked at me in what appeared to be – amazement.

A few minutes later Bobbie sprang from her house leaving all of her dogs yapping in the kitchen. She trotted over to a place where she could fully see me on the roof and shouted, “You’re not going to believe what I just heard.”

I shouted down, “Let me guess. God just spoke to you and told you to give me all this land for a Christian retreat?”  Bobbie’s mouth fell open as she stood stunned, glued to the spot where she was considering what to say next.

We will continue this True Life tale in the next installment of “True Life 26!”

I can’t wait!

Me neither. Wait, I think I just said that to myself?

I wrote it, but I didn’t say it.

Well, I still can’t wait.

Me neither.  Didn’t I just write that too.


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