A short period after the True-Life 23 “Mistaken for an Angel?” event Pam and I returned to Tucson, Arizona with our two children.  After settling in, I received a call from my friend and brother-in-law informing me about a bit of trouble between him and my sister; as a result, I took a trip out to see the unhappy couple.


I was hoping to help them salvage their relationship by going out to visit them in Massachusetts counting on how well the three of us generally got along. I didn’t know what a true time of crisis their marriage had entered.  Sadly they divorced several months after my visit.

My sister, while in Massachusetts, had become involved with a comfort ministry. On one of her days of ministry I joined her as she made her rounds, ministering to friends and new members of the church.  On one such visit my sister and I stopped at the home of a young couple with a small baby, I believe his name was Adam, and he was just under one year of age.  Unfortunately, the little fellow was born without tear ducts, thus requiring the parents to constantly monitor the child’s eyes.  Should the parents forget to add ointment to little Adam’s eyes, he could easily suffer from a type of excessive dryness potentially causing the little guy significant pain and discomfort with his eyes.  This of course would cause poor Adam to cry and fuss excessively.


Not Adam, My Grandson! Didn’t have a picture of Adam but I like this picture anyways.


Based on recommendations from their family Pediatrician, the couple scheduled surgery for the boy’s eyes approximately two weeks from that day. According to Adam’s doctors, they could not perform the operation before Adam turned one.  He was too young until then.  Both parents were extremely stressed and emotionally near their wits end.   Some individual, a pastor or layperson, had poorly instructed these new parents in faith-healing saying Adam was continuing to suffer without tear-ducts because “they,” one or both of them were riddled with sin or a lack of faith!


My sister and I dug into the Word with these misguided and distraught parents locating the appropriate scriptures to disavow such religious foolishness. I shared with the parents that Adam was like this – at this time – not because of their lack of faith, but so God could be glorified even as the blind man in John 9:1-3 was blind from birth so Christ could be glorified.

Suddenly I felt the move of the Spirit and began to pray for Adam. Nothing happened?

I prayed again and yet again nothing happened!

I assured the parents it was not their fault Adam was missing his tear-ducts and then I prayed yet a third and fourth time and nothing appeared to change.

I told them I was not sure why Adam was not healed yet, but I knew I had felt God’s Spirit move. Still nothing changed and Adam remained without tear ducts.

Sadly we left their home without seeing Adam healed, yet.

Trusting the Lord

As Jackie and I left their home, I told them to continue to trust the Lord. God had a reason for not healing Adam at that time. I may not know what God’s plan is, but God absolutely has one. Whatever the reason, they could trust the Lord.  A few days later I returned home to Tucson, Arizona and resumed my studies.

Tucson Pic2

Tucson, Arizona

Two weeks later on the morning the parents were scheduled to take Adam for surgery things became exceedingly stressed between Adam’s mother and father.

His mom argued with his dad… Dad couldn’t find this or that before they went to the hospital. Adam’s mom and dad were both upset their little boy had to have surgery.  Then his mom and dad start arguing in earnest about who had the keys last and whose fault it was they were not able to find them.  Little Adam began to cry and then wail but no tears flowed from his little eyes.  Adam’s eyes were all dried out, red and hurting!

Adam’s dad notices Adam’s little red eyes and shouts at his wife, “Why didn’t you put the ointment in Adam’s eyes?” Mom quickly defends herself by replying, “You said you were going to do it an hour ago!”

Little Adam begins crying again, but this time something has changed! Tears begin to flow down Adam’s little face!  Tears begin to wash away all the dryness, redness and pain.

Tears flowed down baby Adam’s little face from tear-ducts which were spontaneously created by his God, their God and my God!


Isn’t God Great!

I did not personally witness Adam’s wonderful miracle; however, I experienced my own set of tears as I read the letter my sister received from Adam’s happy faith-filled parents several weeks after Adam’s blessing was received. Adam no longer required surgery and the doctors could give zero reasons for how Adam received or grew tear-ducts.

Thank You, Lord!

It is wonderful to be a servant of the Living God, Jesus the Christ!

He still does miracles today.