Hey everybody I’m back!

What a fun trip.

The Windy City was indeed windy and the people fabulous.


Everywhere I went people treated me with respect, courteousness and generosity of spirit. Thanks Chicago!

I still think of Chicago as The Big City even though I was raised in Phoenix, Arizona a city of over 4.5 million people with a GDP of over 200 Billion.

Chicago only sports 2.7 million BUT – with a GDP of over 600 Billion. You go Chicago!

Watch out, Hillary is after those taxes and Trump your businesses.


Have you ever know more corrupt presidential candidates? Wow!


I was camped on the 10th floor of the Red Roof Inn downtown Chi-Ca-Go!

The hotel’s staff was very pleasant and accommodating. Thanks Red Roof. 🙂

Wow, was that an old hotel.

I arrived early for my interview (My first Television interview by the way) and met Joe Mauricio and Veronica Leighton. I met another lovely young lady but never got her name (My bad).


The building above is the WGN News Radio/TV building downtown Chicago… not where I had the interview.

The interview was a blast. Joe delivered the interview which carried two minor hitches: one – my cell-phone went off in the middle of the interview because I forgot to turn it off (Oops) and two – the person coming for the next interview also showed up early and rang the (literally grand) doorbell in the middle of my interview and drowned out the presentation.

No big deal though… because the interview was not live at that time; however, Joe was caught slightly off guard and began calling me Joe. “Ha,” I laughed slapped Joe on the shoulder and said, “You’re Joe, I’m Steve” to which Joe simply smiled then wrangled his professional demeanor under control and continued on with the interview as if nothing had ever happened.

It was a fun experience and they were nice people.

Picture 142


On a side note, here is something I learned, in a rather unpleasant way, while riding in a Chicago Cab on my way back to Chicago O’Hare Airport. The Cabbie and I were discussing the different places we had traveled throughout the world when I asked (innocently)… so, have you traveled around the whole world?

Oh no, I didn’t! Yes I did ask… I didn’t know it was something you shouldn’t ask another man; leastwise in the Windy City.  Too funny, I was a bit embarrassed and he was informative as to why I should phrase the question in such a way.  Live and learn.  Red-faced-smiley-face J Duh!


Well, blessed be the name of the Lord!

Remember, people remember how you made them feel LONG after they forget what you said.

So, praise the name of Jesus at all times and in all ways!

Back from Chicago…