Meet the Adventure and Climb!

God has a plan for your life.  More significantly, God has a plan for the entire Body of Christ and world as a whole. Sometimes unpleasant circumstances take place before God’s purposes reach fruition. During such campaigns the saints can sometimes endure great struggles and persecution; even death for the greater good.  For example, as groups of Christians were tortured and bravely faced death for their faith in the various Gladiatorial games of the Roman Empire, thousands of Romans citizens and slaves experienced a profound calling towards Christ and salvation. Thus, for the loss of a few, thousands received eternal-life.

God moves in mysterious and even strange ways.

Humans seldom fully comprehend God’s true purposes or methods.

DSCN1275We are not guaranteed a pleasant physical existence here on earth; rather, we are guaranteed a glorious eternal-life devoid of shame or suffering. Life is a journey.

So, we must climb the proverbial mountain of life because we are called by God to climb. It’s an act of faith as we are called to live for Christ. Should we slip, fall or even bust our butts falling down in the muck and mire of this life’s journey, we must get back up and continue to climb. It’s okay if we must take a few moments to recover and then get back up and start climbing again, as long as we keep climbing. The only way we fail is if we cease to honestly try.


To keep climbing (truly trying) is an exercise in great faith. Telling everyone you will climb may encourage you, but it is not an act of great faith.

Remember, God has a plan for your life.

Whether happy with your current place in life or not, keep climbing, keep the faith and never stop.

Life is like a mountain excursion. When you are determined to reach the top you generally reach the top.  If you stumble and fall hard you may need a few moments to regain your strength and courage but you get back on your feet and continue your trek towards the top.  Never quit, never accept defeat and always look at the climb to the top as an adventure.

Adventures are fun, challenging and even worthwhile.

Troubles are daunting, something to get past and often seen as unfulfilling.

See your walk with God as the adventure of a lifetime that it is. Life is a journey and an adventure.  How many lost souls can you lead up that mountain?

How many lost lives will you be partially responsible for getting through those pearly-gates?

Steve's 2006 Camping Trip 071

Therein lays the greatest adventure of anyone’s lifetime.

Only through Christ can we lead someone to salvation, but that is why we are here. We partner with the Almighty.

Trust the Lord always!

He knows which are the right mountains for you.

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