For many years I had a tremendous friendship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Then one day I forgot He was more than just my friend and I took that friendship and relationship for granted.

I disobeyed even as the Lord continued to warn me.  He said, “NO!”

steves-2006-camping-trip-103For my disobedience the Lord lifted the sense of His presence for nearly three years.  I did not feel His loving presence nor did I know if it would ever return.  I had known God’s presence, almost, my entire life.  I had never not known that expression of my God.  I was crushed under the silence and aloneness.  I wrote this in my great sorrow. 😦

Forever and All Times

Lord, long, I have known You,

Gave You my life, heart and soul,

With all my strength I’ve served You,

By Your grace forever let it be so.

Then willfully I abandoned,

Commandments You did bring,

To me whom much was given,

The same I forgot required indeed.

I knew it was forbidden,

Thus great punishment deserved, received.

For years You plied Your lessons

Till certain I believed,

I missed Your sweet, sweet presence,

My heart’s most central yearn!

I thought You would dismiss it,

As a friend to friend miss-deed,

But I Forgot — God, –Creator,

Much more than friend to me art Thee!

Forgive my trespass grievous

Against My God, my King, my Friend,

Most erudite of lessons,

Help me n’er to err again!

I need You Lord, my Savior,

My God, Redeemer, dear Friend,

At all times, ever beside me,

May Your Spirit, Your love n’er be missed again,

I love You Lord, more than living,

Forever and all times in Your presence beyond the end.

To: My Great & Almighty God,          From: a least and wayward son

Thankfully, my punishment ended and His sense of presence was restored.

Words cannot describe the tremendous relief.