Reasonable Service?

steves-2006-camping-trip-220As we all travel the great road of life with varying levels of success we must each choose whom we are going to serve, because we all serve someone or something regardless of our wealth, talents, looks, faith or even dreams.  It cannot be helped no matter our self-delusions.

So whom or what do you serve?

We all serve in one capacity or another in an attempt to find happiness or satisfaction or purpose. This is our human nature at work.

Now, consider this, if you knew the world “as we know it” were about to change dramatically and you could know the details of that change, what would you do differently?

If it could be proven to you that Jesus, the Son of God, was actually going to return within the next twelve to fifteen years and seize control of every nation, government, peoples, city or state would you prepare for a different tomorrow?  In such a situation would today’s current politics really matter especially when there is such a short period of time remaining to forge political changes?


If all Christians were going to be forced to live outside of the cities of our modern world; forced to provide shelter, food and resources for ourselves and our families would you live differently NOW and begin to prepare for that literal wilderness journey.


What if you could be certain established prophecies were actually coming to pass; prophecies which categorically confirm the world is living today in the Latter Days and Christ’s return will soon take place according to God’s written Word?

Bear in mind, these are prophecies both ancient and new which were given by God to confirm the world is in the last of the Latter Days with less than twelve to fifteen years before Christ’s cataclysmic return could begin.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ – Christians – God’s Word warns on more than nine occasions that those of us who must live through the Latter Days must endure to the End to maintain our salvation (Matthew 10:22, 24:13; Revelation 2:7, 2:10, 2:17, 3:5, 3:11–12, and 3:21, 21:7).  We must be overcomers fighting the good and faithful fight until Christ returns for us in the clouds above or until we expire first.


We are required to overcome the Great Consummation and the Beast’s machinations by the blood of the Lamb AND the word of our testimonies AND we must not value our lives or the lives of our families or friends more than we value our walk with our Savior and God, Jesus Christ.

God’s Word forbids the Saints to take the “Mark of the Beast,” the up and coming financial bio-tech which can be place in or on the human body and used for buying or selling life’s necessities.

Modern Science, archeology and technology has been exceedingly successful in creating a great deal of doubt and confusion when it comes to the validity of God’s Word. This truth is more about each individual’s lack of Biblical understanding than it is about truth; more about our lack of studying God’s Word than any strength in science or technology.

Is it just a coincidence Modern Science, Archeology and technology “seems” to have become so successful just before Christ’s return, or is it all just a part of fulfilling God’s Word, prophecies and purposes?  2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.

It is just a part of fulfilling God’s Word, prophecies and purposes!

The rubber is about to stomp the hard road… where do you truly stand?  Do you know?


The technology for the “Mark” is already here. The “Mark” will be required for every citizen if they want to remain within their cities. You will not be able to purchase anything without the new financial bio-chip/tag regardless of your financial position or resources.

Think about it… If your nation changed its currency (dollars and cents) from its current system of cash to a cashless digital system requiring a Credit/Debit chipped card or bio-implant to access your accounts, what would you do?

The answer to that question answers: whom do you serve?

Such a change is on the horizon.  It is Coming and soon!

The Body of Christ will need to survive for a minimum of two and one half years without cash, credit, modern food or clothing or even access to housing and or transportation.  The Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation will span two and a half years.  The Wrath of God portion of the Great Consummation will only span one year.

Would you take the “Mark” in order to feed yourself or family etc…?

I’m sorry the message is so stern today. 😦


We may live in a beautiful world, but this world was created with a purpose.

So the question is… would you damn your immortal soul just so you could acquire these creature comforts and food sources?  (Revelation 14:9-11)

Many would and the decision is coming soon to every Christian everywhere.

All I can say is this: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, Jesus Christ.

You are all in my prayers!

Your brother in Christ – Steve

For more answers to these questions along with a cursory survival guide: “This Side of the Whirlwind”,

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