Meaning of Life 2

Who Truly has the Answer?

 The true meaning of life is universal. It must be or it is not the actual meaning of life.

As an individual, can we know or determine the universal meaning for life? Would not such a determination merely reflect how that individual felt about the world around us, you know, our personal perceptions alone?


I would think a single individual could not reflect the true meaning of life for all peoples because the true meaning of our existence should be, would be couched in the reason our lives were brought into existence in the first place.

Hum… enigma?

If a single human could actually possess such knowledge of true all reaching understanding it would need to come from the mind of the Creator, would it not?

Without divine insight could an all encompassing determination be applied to every human who has ever existed? Well, of course not; that would be beyond human comprehension.

Ultimately, it would not likely be the true meaning for which life was developed.

After all, if an individuals could have the power to decide life is meaningless and then life actually became meaningless, then wouldn’t that apply across the board causing life to be meaningless for everyone?

From the opposite camp… what if someone could decide every life matters or just Asian lives or white lives or black lives or just the healthy lives or the lives of heroes and or winners. Who gets to decide? When doesn’t every life matter or not matter  when we get to think it matters or not and it is so?

Sounds like too much power for one person or many peoples.

So far… this is absurd, isn’t it?

Well, part of the answer is this… we don’t get to decide because we didn’t create or establish life; rather we are just players in the band of life.

Therefore, a single person cannot make the universal determination as to life’s true meaning for all people or for all time/s.

Though many people are arrogant enough to think we/they can make such a determination, believing we/they are in control of our/their own destinies and therefore deceive themselves into thinking we/they can make such far-reaching and important determinations with impunity; not the case.  Bear in mind, on an individual level we do not possess this grand and or far-reaching power… – And for this reason we/they cannot decide the meaning of life; it is beyond our purview.

SO, who can determine a weighty issue like the Meaning of Life?

God is our Creator so would He not be The One to decide!

No, not Morgan Freeman: you are so silly!

And if there was no one who created us, not even Morgan Freeman, (Hum…?) then wouldn’t life just be meaningless?

Let me focus the point:

{Hit the music Zager and Evans} In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive they may find – and the music plays-on in your head…



In the not too distant future humanity should be able to create Automatons: robots that are self-aware AIs (artificial intelligence) – [Duh] – systems. Possibly far into the future, one day, Robbie the Robot will turn to Rosie the Robotess and ask, “Why are we here?”  Rosie will likely just actuate her shoulder servos once or twice and raise her metallic blue hands.

Related imageRelated image


The question is, who has the real answer to that powerful question?


The right answer could only come from Robbie’s and Rosie’s makers and no other.

For us, the correct answer can only come from our Creator.  And if there is no Creator then our lives are meaningless: truly and completely.  By the way, there is no need to prove that point because it is Soooo obvious.  But, if someone needs me to, I will be happy to explain the details later?  After all, this is the “Meaning of Life 2” and not the “Meaninglessness of life” though they could go hand in hand.  Curious isn’t it!

Try as they (the Robots) will, possibly through free-will downloads for AI units, they will not truly – independently – or – individually – be able to answer that question accurately (what would be the meaning of their pseudo lives?).

Why can they not truly know?

Answer: Because only those who created Robbie and Rosie the Robots could correctly convey the real reason they were created.  Like to potter forming the clay: some pots are created to be thrown away and some are created to be treasured.

We’ll get to the meaning of life soon.  Not this blog or Post, but we will climb that conundrum of metaphysical hooey-gooey soon enough.

And yes, hooey and gooey are real words in the Steven R. Harrel lexicon of silly words.

MAYBE… The meaning of their lives will also transcend space and time, mind and matter and only be truly found in “The Twilight Zone” of your huge mind.

Until next time!~?  Don’t lose that flipper controller thingamajig.  Is “thingamajig” really a word?

See you next time on This Side of the Whirlwind – wind -wind – echo effect active along with – wind… 🙂  aaaaahhhhhhaaahhhhaahhhaaaahhhh