Standing the Test of Eternity

Christian beliefs must be able to withstand inspection. Believers should not accept any creed or belief based purely on hearsay, family tradition, church doctrine, or a pastor’s messages. Your belief supporting a specific doctrine or personal conviction does not guarantee doctrinal truth. Trust your pastor, but personally confirm each tenet of your faith. People need to know why they believe what they believe. One of the more important tools of doctrine is understanding where to find each tenet of your faith (Hosea 4:6; 2 Timothy 2:15).  If this simple but challenging skill were employed by more Christians, the Body of Christ would be vastly more prepared for the Messiah’s return.


Consider how most of us feel when confronted by a challenge to one of our core beliefs. When we know where to find the Biblical foundation and support to a given tenet of faith we seldom become angry or fearful we are in error, we generally stand firm knowing why we believe a given principle. The antithesis of this however breeds a sense of personal attack, antagonism and even creates hesitation in our faith.  When our foundation to a specific precept is vague we are often left feeling vulnerable and unsure what we truly believe.  Unsettled feelings in the core of our faith tend to feelings of anger and leave us doubting our God and Savior.  In most cases, this is a personal failure as we failed to apply ourselves to God’s Word.

More often than not, “Christians” spend more time researching their life insurance policies than the message of eternal-life its standards and fundamental doctrines.

So, lets spend a little more time learning what we believe and why (Isaiah 28:9-13).

“Golly Doctor Smith” Will Robinson quips, “Why did you turn off the autopilot?”

“Silly boy, because your parents asked me to.” Doctor Smith replied.

Foolishly Will replies, “Oh, well I guess that’s okay?”

The robot suddenly sounds the alarm. “Danger Will Robinson, danger!”  “Does not compute! Does not compute!”

Doctor Smith smirks, “There is nothing in the manual that says we can’t fly the Jupiter-2 without the autopilot…”

Riddled with doubt Will disagrees, “That doesn’t make any sense Doctor Smith.  I’ve read the manual and it doesn’t say any such thing.”

Jupiter 2

“Danger Will Robinson, danger!”  “Does not compute! Does not compute!”

Read the manual, guys!