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If you thought the “Is Anybody Listening” series was difficult to understand in the blogs image how difficult it was to live through. There are several elements we experienced during the process of this living prophetic Word that were too complicated to explain when writing this blog so we left those elements out.  Nevertheless, the story was and is true and mostly complete.  All the significant elements are included.  The greatest confusion realized during the time of this prophecy came from the, “I want you to go up there and look for land on which to buy and live.” The difficult issues with the prophecy primarily came from friends and family who jumped to the conclusion the prophecy meant God was telling us to sell our home and move to the Alpine area.   Even Pam repeatedly assumed we were supposed to sell the house and move to the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest area.  But such was not the case as you learn in “This Side of the Whirlwind: Just Listening.”

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During this period, Pam would often say, “The prophecy said we need to go up to the Alpine area and look for land to buy and live on.” Pam would emphasize the idea of buying land in the mountains.  It was the desire of our hearts.  However, having personally received the prophetic Word I knew the emphasis was strongly focused on the word “look” and not on the phrase, “buy and live.”  Had I listened to those who had not received the Word of Knowledge but had merely formed an opinion on the Word then I would most likely have purchased a home near Alpine regardless of whether or not we sold our home in the Tucson area or God intended that outcome.  We would not have learned the intended lesson, I think.

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For what it is worth, it often takes time to learn and carefully listen to a prophetic Word before one can confidently determine with any level of certainty what God is conveying or asking during a Word of Knowledge. I imagine this is why God began teaching me to hear His voice at the tender age of nine.  By His sufferance, I have been hearing God’s voice for just shy of fifty years and by His mercy and grace I have ‘almost’ never been mistaken, almost.

I attribute my success to God’s amazing abilities and not my own.

After all, God spoke through Balaam’s donkey. How is that any different than God speaking through me or someone else?

Remember, God changes not. He spoke to His people during Abraham’s day, Moses’ day, and the years of the prophets and even during Jesus’ and Paul’s lifetimes.  God changes not; therefore, God speaks through His people today.  I just happen to be one of many.  Not my choice to hear God’s voice but it certainly is my privilege.

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I have very little to do with hearing God’s voice. God speaks and I listen.  God does the heavy lifting.  After all, God does not speak just because Steven R. Harrel calls out to Him or because I want to hear a Word of Knowledge.  I have zero control.  He is God and He decides.

So back to the story, for nearly two years my wife and several other family members and friends continued to ask when we were supposed to move; why we had not moved; and why we were not obeying the Lord. Each time, like a broken record, I would say, “God told us to go up there to the Alpine area and “LOOK” for land on which to buy and live.  God did not tell us to sell our home or move.  “We put our house on the market just in case selling our home was the Lord’s intentions.  He only told us to look for land and that is all we are doing.”

Then, when we were challenged as to the reason or reasons we did not move, regardless of how many times we explained the spoken prophecy and how God wanted Pam and I to learn a specific lesson to turn away from pine country, the people, family and friends, just could not receive what we said, rather believing we had disobeyed the Lord or were afraid to step out and move according to God’s instructions. Several times my Agnostic neighbor even mentioned this prophecy and sarcastically quipped humorously.

Trusting the Lord

So what is the point? When you receive a Word of Knowledge, vision or prophetic utterance from the Lord you need to be subject to that divine Word and not the opinions of your peers.  Listen to their counsel but trust the Lord and His spoken Word; that is as long as it lines up with God’s written Word.

When YOU receive a prophetic Word:

Read, listen and examine the prophetic Word carefully and then bring the Word of the Lord before the Creator. It is common for those who hear from God to immediately know what the purpose or intent of the Word of Knowledge might be.  After all, God knows what He meant and what He wants accomplished.  Trust that the Lord can get His message or point across to you, that is unless you are dumber than Balaam’s donkey.  Do not concern yourself with the opinions or ramblings of others when you have received a Word from the Lord and know fully what the intended purpose maybe.  Sometimes we are informed.

When we don’t know, just wait on the Lord and His will should be revealed in due season: when God is ready.

The Beyond

When someone else receives a Word for your life:

When another person has received a Word for your life it must be scrutinized. It is important to seek the Lord’s will and watch for two or more witnesses or confirmations.

Watch for confirmations: “… By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established” (2 Corinthians 13:1).

Beware sympathetic witnesses. A sympathetic witness is when a family member or friend wants so desperately for your Word of Knowledge to be true that they unwittingly create a false witness to confirm your prophetic Word.  Most often individuals do not provide a false witness to be evil or deceitful; rather, they just don’t want you to be disappointed or miss out on your blessings or Word from the Lord.


A good witness comes to you independent of all other connections to the Word of Knowledge. It is no great task for the Lord to have a stranger confirm His given Word or speak the exact same prophecy or Word of Knowledge into your life.  A longtime friend you have not seen or heard from in months or even years can suddenly pop by and quote God’s verbatim prophecy.  He Is after all, God!

Expect a miracle. He is God.

Scrutinize people who speak in the name of the Lord. Search your spirit during every Word of Knowledge until God has confirmed that it was Him who spoke.

However – once God has confirmed a Word – trust the Lord even with your life.


Remember, Revelation 12:11 tells us that the End Times believers will overcome the wiles of the Beast/Anti-Christ by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ) and by the word of their own testimony (your life in Christ). The text even declares that the Believers who live through the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation will love the Lord their God (Jesus) more than they love their own lives.  They are willing to die for their walk with Christ.

On the Cross

Now that is overcoming to the end!

This concludes the “Is Anybody Listening” series.

I hope it produced a little clarity on the subject of hearing God’s voice. It was a tough Word to confirm in our lives.

May God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you!

Brother in Christ

Steven R. Harrel


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