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IN several of the previous posts we discussed the “Go up there and look for land on which to buy and live” prophecy. Below are several potentially pertinent elements which helped to decide if the “Word” was actually from the Lord or not:

  1. The Lord instructs Pam and I to go hiking for two-weeks at which time the Lord said He would provide us with a Word of Knowledge about our future.
  2. First week of April Pam, out of the blue, declares she is ready to move out of Tucson should the Lord require such from us.
  3. Pam’s friend repeatedly mentions snowflakes during two separate conversations.
  4. God actually gives a Word of Knowledge while we are hiking in Sedona.
  5. Through a vision, a map is displayed hanging in the air where we are hiking the dusty trials of Sedona, Arizona. I reach up in the vision and circle an area on the map, an area which resembles the African continent. I also feel compelled to include the city of Snowflake, Arizona in the circle.
  6. The Lord says, “Go up there (highlighted location on the map given in the vision) and look for land on which to buy and live.”
  7. My sister Jackie’s dream which included a conversation about Pam and I moving to Snowflake, Arizona. Note: the dream came to Jackie while we were still out of town and hiking in Sedona, Arizona, before Jackie could have known about the prophecy.
  8. Finally, Pam’s mother calls within two hours of us praying for a more solid confirmation; anything having to do with snowflakes or Snowflake, Arizona. Almost immediately after Pam answered the phone her mother mentioned Snowflake, Arizona several times.

You just cannot make this stuff up. These are just the major highlights too.

And the hits just keep on coming!

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Segue-way: For the next two years Pam and I traveled to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and surrounding areas ‘looking’ for land on which to buy and live.  Talk about beautiful country, wow!  During this period we began to prepare our home for sale so we could put the place on the market.  We did not know “if” the Lord wanted us to sell our home; nevertheless, we wanted to put our best foot forward and putting our home on the market was one way we could do so.

We concluded that if God wanted our home to sell and us to move He would sell our home in His perfect timing. If the Lord did not want us to sell our home or us to move then we would not be able to sell our home even at rock-bottom prices.  Well, even at a great price our home would not be moved.  Go figure?

Alpine Adventure 257

Between Alpine and Big Lake

We loved the Alpine, Arizona area; however, after numerous trips we seemed no closer to purchasing a piece of property or moving to the area. We began to wonder what the Lord was doing, why did He want us to travel to this area?  Then between late March and early April of 2011 we made our last trek to the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest.

Prior to this trip we were consistently approaching the area with the idea the Lord wanted us to sell our home and move into the mountains; the difference this time however, was that we were now open to hearing or seeing why God was sending us up here.

Alpine Adventure 260

Forest around Alpine

That night we camped in New Mexico off of Highway 32 at about 7,200 feet above sea-level. Even for the end of March – first of April, it was cold with the ambient temperature falling to approximately 15 degrees Fahrenheit, with the wind-chill dropping to somewhere much colder.  Early the next morning we drove down the mountain to about the 6,000 foot level.  We thought we would be much warmer, but we were wrong!

Alpine Adventure 422

Near Big Lake

Somewhere near 4 a.m. I began dreaming:

The Dream:

Pam and I were leading a large contingent of Christians who were living in the forests in and around the Apache Sitgreaves Nation Forest. The End-times had begun and Christians were not welcome anywhere in the modern world.  The weather where we camped during the dream was freezing and nearly everyone was suffering from exposure as the elements took their toll.

At the forefront of the dream I saw a woman and small child; they were wrapped in one thin blanket and trembling terribly. As the dream continued, I somehow knew that everyone in our camp only possessed one very inadequate blanket, and as I looked at the woman and child I connected the child with our own little grandchildren.  I sat across from the mother and child knowing there was nothing I could do and realized it was our fault these people were suffering and now dying.

In the dream, Pam and I both knew we were at fault because everyone had followed us to this location trusting our knowledge and leading of the Lord. This group of dying people had joined Pam and I so they could survive the Tribulation Period and we had led them to this elevation during the winter without preparing in advance adequate clothing or supplies.

At that moment I knew we could not, would not be able to purchase land at such a high elevation regardless of how much Pam and I truly wanted to live in pine country.

After waking from the dream I lay there considering all the implications. I suddenly noticed Pam rousing but didn’t pickup on the fact she had been laying there crying.  Later she told me she had been thinking about the same basic issues and weeping over it all.

A few hours later I got up and went outside to pray and think. During this period the Lord began to show me His reasons for giving me the vision and Word of Knowledge.

Alpine Adventure 258

Alpine Area

The Lord said He had given me the Word, “I want you to go up there and look for land on which to buy and live” because we needed to learn this lesson. Then the Lord said He was tempering our desire to live in that environment, pine country.  Not completely, but enough so we would look elsewhere and not always be looking to the mountains and longing for the pine treed forests and landscapes.

Years earlier when I had passionately wanted to get out of Tucson and its heat, the Lord pointed out that the first place I headed for was the pine treed mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. The Lord explained that if He did not remove some of our desire to live in the mountain environment Pam and I would always gravitate to the mountains.  This is not God’s will for our lives or His plan for where He wants Pam and me.  God has a better plan and we can trust Him completely.

It is not always easy to obey the Lord, but He is always right and it is always best.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5 NKJV).

You know, we are living in the Latter Days near the beginning of the Great Consummation.  We are living in the Beginning of Sorrows and time is short.  My book, “This Side of the Whirlwind” confirms these truths.  Get the book and learn what you are up against.  Time is short.

Steven R. Harrel,

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