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A Final Confirmation:

As I wrote earlier, Pam and I both felt that the two letters, the prophetic Word I received in Sedona and the dream Jackie received was not enough to move on regardless of the fact both contained references to Pam and I potentially moving and Snowflake, Arizona. For this reason, it was decided we needed at least one more confirmation before calling what I heard and saw a Word from God.  We were privy to other bits of information we thought potentially too minor; therefore, we still needed something more solid.  We needed a real confirmation.


Sunday, May 24th 2009 Pam and I sit down to pray, asking the Lord for another confirmation.  Shortly, within less than two hours of prayer we receive a call from Pam’s mother, Sandy.  Sandy dives in, sharing about Jim C. a longtime friend of Pam’s father, Bob.  It seemed Jim had come to Tucson on business and decided to visit Bob at home for the first time in years.  Generally, Bob and Jim would connect over work or play but seldom if ever connected at one another’s homes.  This was unusual.

Pam casually sat listening to her mother’s daily news blast when Sandy suddenly began laboring over Jim’s ranch in Snowflake Arizona; Jim’s cattle in Snowflake Arizona; Jim’s crops in Snowflake Arizona. We had known Jim for decades without once ever discussing Jim’s ranching business or interest in Snowflake, Arizona.  Suddenly his ranch is the most fascinating topic of discussion between Pam and her mother.  That was it!  Pam recognized the connection immediately after hearing her mother say the word snowflake; I on the other hand could only hear Pam repeating the word snowflake in their conversation.

  1. Kim’s two conversations about snowflakes in late April.
  2. Jackie’s dream mentioning Pam and I moving to Snowflake, Arizona.
  3. The Word I received from the Lord in Sedona showing Snowflake on the map north of the Blue Range Primitive Area and feeling compelled to include it in the circle during the vision.
  4. And out of the blue, the Lord sends Jim C. to Tucson to visit Bob so Sandy could mention his ranch in Snowflake Arizona half a dozen time in one short conversation over the phone.


Tucson Pic2

Tucson, Arizona

What are the odds the words “Snowflake Arizona” would come up in conversation in Tucson Arizona in the heat of summer at just the right time to confirm a prophetic Word containing the word, snowflake?


We agreed with the idea the Word of Knowledge in Sedona, Arizona was from the Lord. Therefore, Pam and I would begin the adventure by going up to the areas in and around the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest and down through the Blue Range Primitive Area to ‘look’ for land in which to buy and live.

This is where the confusion begins.

Remember, the Lord said, “I want you to go up there (referring to the area on the map in the vision) and look for land on which to buy and live.”  And this after sending Pam and I on a two-week hiking trip to receive a Word from the Lord.

So, until next time – – – –

Holy confusion Batman, what are we going to do next?

Batman replies as he rubs his black rubbery chin. “Go forth and obey the Lord Robin. Just remember to listen carefully to your Bat-Phone and trust the Lord whatever He says.”

“Golly gee Batman, if that’s what you think we should do?” Robin quips.

Batman gives that knowing smile, “Well, it’s either that or read Steven R. Harrel’s book, This Side of the Whirlwind.”

“Who’s this Steven R. Harrel?” Robin asks.

Batman simply shakes his rubbery head and walks away in disbelief…

Imagine not knowing Steven R. Harrel.  That’s rich!  It’s the guy in the picture below.


No the other guy in the other picture.


To be continued next time on, “This Side of the Whirlwind: Still Listening.”

Don’t touch that dial – Bat-Buddies 🙂  I know too silly:()


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