Hearing God’s Voice 2

Eeeh, — whad-ya say?

Today we are going to start at the beginning of the end of the story and see what you make of it. In “This Side of the Whirlwind: Hearing God’s Voice” we looked at how people learn to first hear God’s voice and then determine if it is in fact God who is speaking or just the individual.

I realized I sort of dropped the ball in the first “Hearing God’s Voice” blog by getting rushed and not fully finishing pertinent thoughts. So let me finish my thoughts before we proceed.  Thanks!

Drop the balldrop the ball2

To accurately hear God’s voice is important; however, to accurately deliver God’s spoken message to another actually carries a greater level of significance and burden. Hearing God’s voice is only a small portion of a prophet’s responsibility and process.  Once we have heard His beautiful voice we need to fully embrace God’s exact wording.  When possible, we need to stop what we are doing and just absorb every nuance about our encounter with the Creator.  Getting the words exact is often tantamount to successfully giving a Word of Knowledge.

On other occasions we simply need to repeat God’s words, vision or concept to the person or persons intended to receive God’s Word. These are generally fairly straight forward.

There are also occasions when action is required or steps need to be taken before another phase within the Word of Knowledge or Prophetic Word can be implemented, received or fulfilled. Remember, Abram was told he needed to leave his country, his father’s house and journey to Canaan before God would make a great nation through Abram and bless all the peoples of the earth through his seed.

DSCN1235Before Abram became Abraham he had to listen to God’s Word, act on each piece of his instructions and then complete the spirit and letter of the given prophecy. And he did, and here we are. Yeah!

It has taken me a lifetime to effectively hear and act on listening to God’s voice. In many ways, hearing God is almost like learning a separate language.  In the next blog I will share a prophecy God provided Pam and me which has come to be problematic in our lives.  The trouble stems from a phrase the Lord used when He poured His Word into my spirit and mind.  God used this phrasing issue to teach Pam the significance of looking carefully at God’s exact words.  It can change everything if you do not pay attention.

DSCN1275What happened was this; while Pam and I were out hiking according to the Lord’s instructions, the Lord gave me a vision of a map with an area highlighted in the shape of Africa. I remember reaching up in the vision and circling the bulk of the highlighted area within the vision.  The Lord then said, “I want you to go up there (speaking of the highlighted area on the map) and look for land on which to buy and live.”

Funny, it seemed then and seems to me today to be such a straightforward issue, and yet, I have had much too much trouble getting others to understand what the Lord showed me that day and in the days that followed.

It is an interesting story we will jump into on “This Side of the Whirlwind: Is Anybody Listening!”


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