Let’s Get To It!

Sometime near 3:00 a.m. that night I stood in an open field in Italy, 1979-1980. I cried out to the Lord, (See the full story in This Side of the Whirlwind: True Life 5 and 6).   Because my life was a mess, I felt I was not sitting in a right place with God and yet, I still wanted clarification about who I was in Christ.  For that matter, was there even a Christ!  So I cried out to the Lord saying,

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“Dear God, I believe You are out there; however I’m not sure I believe enough to give up all the things I’ve been doing in my life. You See Lord, the way I look at it is this: I figure that one day, I’ll be 95 years old, and I’ll die, and I’ll just be dead, and I will have given up all the fun things in life, like the money, and the women, and partying, and I’ll just be dead, and the joke will be on me.  The joke will be on me, because I will have given up all these fun things for nothing.   For this reason God, I’ll make this deal with You: if You will show me beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind, so that I know, that I know, that I know, You are real, and not just some figment of my imagination.  But that You are real, and that I’m an individual to You and not just some guy in a multitude of billions of people on this little planet, but that I am actually an individual to You, and that You have a purpose and a plan for my life.  If You will show me these things Lord and that You are there, then I will serve You all the days of my life.  However, God, if You choose to show Yourself and these things to me, then I will have to put in a catch thirteen for this deal.  Because Lord, no man can truly promise to love a woman or any other thing all the days of his life, simply because we do not know what tomorrow will bring.  We don’t know what we’ll be doing in 40 years.  Therefore, for this reason, I say these things with this catch: If You do show me that You are real, and that I’m an individual to You, and that You have a purpose and plan for my life, then I will serve you all the days of my life “if” You will give me the strength to do so.  Because, only by Your giving me this strength can I possibly hope to actually live up to the promise.  So this I say I will do if You will do that for me and give me the strength.


Five years later, 1984, God answered that prayer by having several people bring an identical prophecy to my attention. The Prophecy was presented to me eight separate times over nine months and four cities.  The prophecy went exactly like this:

Thus saith the Lord, “I shall open doors for you that no man can close and eyes that many may see and ears that many may hear and I will exult your name beyond your wildest dreams as long as you exult My name, for I love you my son.”

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For years I waited for the Lord to fulfill that prophecy until, in 1990 the Lord then sent me into obscurity for 26 years; and wouldn’t you know it, right after Pam and I had just finished producing our first contemporary music cassette titled “Salvation Bound”. Then in May of 1990 I became seriously injured.

I can tell you – living in a bed is not conducive to launching a smash hit or making a public name in entertainment for yourself.

During the next 26 years of sequestration I continued to wait on the Lord, though not always happily. Within days of the Lord calling me into obscurity and commanding me to withdraw from ministry and the labor-force I was severely injured, breaking my neck and living in a bed for the next year and a half.  My work career was over at that time and there were no bright stars seemingly shooting through my skies.  But I chose to trust the Lord.  I trust the Lord.  I will trust my Lord!

Trusting the Lord

Long before this period of my life I had seen and believed God had a call on my life related to the End Times. I have heard God’s voice for decades with hundreds of Words of Knowledge or prophecies being confirmed and coming to pass.  I knew I had seen God’s call and the fulfillment of that call in my spirit and in my mind’s eye.  What was happening?  Where was this great ministry God was calling me to?  Still, I choose to trust the Lord.  (I’m sure the Lord gave the ability to trust Him in these extraordinary circumstances.  I don’t think I could have trusted Him fully on my own.)

Is this how you have seen your life? Has your existence been one challenging training-field after another filled with questions and difficulties?  DON’T LOSE HEART!

All I Am is Yours

God is there! He is always there loving you, preparing you and waiting for the right moment to fulfill your needs.  Take a moment and look around.  The signs are everywhere that God has His hand in your life.  I do not know what those things are for you, but I know God’s hand is revealed in your individual life.

How do I know, you may ask?

Well, if you are a Child of the Living God like I am, then I know because — I know my God! He is wonderful and worthy of our trust and praise.  He always answers our prayers.  Yes He does!  God is like a Lion with His teeth latched into your leg.  He will not turn your leg loose until He is darn-good-and-ready!  And He is not ready because He loves you and you still need Him.  🙂

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When we think prayers are not answered it is generally because we are asking for the wrong things or not trusting Him. Wait just a little longer.  More often than not, when we feel God is not answering our prayers it is because God has placed something on our heart; something we know we need to do or change in our lives and we are stubbornly refusing to do God’s bidding, the deed or make the real change to our lives.  We get onboard with God, not the other way around!

He is God and He will be obeyed. Remember when you “gave your life to Him” and said you are His.  Well, guess what — He took you at YOUR word and you belong to Him.  Every moment of your life belongs to Him.

We’ll discuss this more next time.

For now, I can tell you today that the ministry in music and Word that the Lord intended for my life so many years ago as a youth is beginning to blossom. It has begun according to His will, not mine.  I needed a lot of changing before I was ready to begin.  Likely I still need a lot of changing into the likeness and image of Christ.

A ministry designed to reach the world in these Last Days has begun.

Christ’s message and ministry about the Great Consummation and the Latter Days is crucial to the survival of millions of Christians and their walk with Jesus Christ.  We must overcome the coming storm and the Beast mentioned in the book of Revelation.

The entire message is outlined in This Side of the Whirlwind conveying God’s plan for completing the second half of Christ Covenant. This is likely one of the most important message you will have ever read.  Bear in mind, it was hidden by God until just recently.  So let’s get to it for the time is short and the days are getting even more evil.

Your brother in Christ,

Steven R. Harrel

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