Springs of Hope

There is great hope when we trust God’s purposes for the future of our peoples and the future of our own personal lives. God sees you and all your family and friends.  God see our nations, hopes and dreams, but there is a much larger picture that we do not necessarily see.

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As we are required to face the coming Storm of Storms or the coming apocalypse, there will ever remain hope for each of God’s faithful children.

Bear in mind, the coming Storm was set in motion eons ago. God is utterly aware of what is about to take place here on earth and how the saints of God will attempt to manage the Great Consummation.  Don’t think for a second that our God was or will be caught off guard or unaware.  The Latter Days and completing of Christ’s Covenant during Great Consummation is something planned for generations.  God is in command (Revelation 17:17).

This is really good news!

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Without this forewarning and the similar cautionary messages afforded the Body of Christ, the saints would be left in the dark, caught unaware by the Beast and his “Mark.” The technology for the Mark alone will carve a path through unsuspecting believers.  We are to know the season of Christ’s return so we, the saints, can prepare for the worst and thereby give our families and friends the best opportunities to survive and thrive in the time remaining, the time God has allowed us to show our faith/trust in Him.

This period is unique to all of Christendom. The children of God will have an opportunity to stand in faith, overcome to the end and show their great faithfulness to Jesus Christ who gave His life for us all.  Christians will have this singular opportunity to demonstrate their resolve by holding fast to Christ regardless the circumstances.  Those who do know their God will do exploits!  This period has nothing to do with earning one’s salvation; rather, it is about faithfulness and love.


When the Mark of the Beast becomes mandatory, food, blankets, tools, medications, and clothing items will become unavailable without receiving the Mark. Prepare now for a minimum two-and-a-half-year period. Prepare a place to live where you, your family, and your friends can sustain your existence during the Tribulation Period. Only those who have prepared will be able to successfully avoid authorities. Once you and your family are driven into the wilderness, there will no longer be reasonable access to standard food or survival resources within cities. As you prepare, plan for as many unprepared believers as you can afford. After all, what true believer will want to turn away a fellow Christian? Remember Matthew 25:33–46: “Inasmuch as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.”

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Christians will need to band together. Look for Christian preppers, those who have like-minded goals, beliefs, and knowledge. Join with such believers in and around your area, those who have developed skills and resources toward surviving. It may be difficult to find others Christians who are equally determined not to receive the Mark of the Beast. Nevertheless, Christians will need to survive the crucible in order to help other Christians. Let every believer survive while helping another believer. Hurry and prepare, for time is shorter than you think!

Here are several key steps in planning for your family’s survival:

  • Do not attempt to do everything on your own. Band together with sold-out brothers and sisters in Christ. “For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34b).
  • When possible, form groups of thirty or more. Those who diversify their skill sets stand a better chance for survival.
  • Educate your group in survival techniques.
  • Plan to survive in specific areas throughout multiple wilderness areas.
  • God knows what is coming and knows our every need. Those believers who have money should help those believers with the time to prepare. Those with money may not have time and vice versa. Similarly, those with the necessary survival skills should find and teach other believers how to prepare and survive.
  • Do not disdain those without money, skills, or resources. Teach your brothers and sisters in Christ how to survive. You may need them more than you know.
  • The life of every Christian is on the line.
  • Some people may own and provide lands for storage of survival supplies.
  • Others may build or plant storage containers.
  • Still others may purchase supplies with their financial resources but not be able to secure such supplies in a wilderness arena.
  • Those with money may not have the time to learn the necessary survival skills, wilderness training, or wildlife preparation techniques for a given area.
  • Do not think singularly; serve one another.
  • There is too much to do and too little time in which to do it. Let’s get busy!
  • Do not reveal your survival locations or survival stashes before you know your group fairly well.
  • Do not share too much information about your group with others or online.
  • Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Don’t be paranoid, merely prepare.

God is with us! He will sustain us during the trials of our faith; leastwise, until such time as we are to either join Christ in the skies or Sheol the grave. Either way, God’s perfect timing.

Don’t be afraid! God is with us.  Time to prepare is now, now, NOW!

Don’t be afraid, study God’s Word in conjunction with my book “This Side of the Whirlwind” and get a leg up on what is coming in the next few months and years.

For more information along with some survival dos and don’ts get your copy of: “This Side of the Whirlwind.” You will never regret it!

Your brother in Christ,

SteveSteven R. Harrel

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