Nearly Here, The Mark

Today, does anyone believe we are not heading for a one-world currency, and soon?

Of course not!

Only a few years ago the Obama administration spent $50 Billion for a one-world currency along with more than 200 other likeminded nations. At nearly the same instant 420 Banks worldwide demanded a one-world currency as China suddenly dropped the US Dollar for all global finance.

On October 1st of 2015 the United States of America became the last holdout to institute the EMV payment system (EMV= EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa) launching a unified global community for world finance.

Today you can swipe your Debit Card in Caracas Venezuela and have your accounts debited within the hour or in minutes in your home country or state.

So I ask again, does anyone truly believe we are not heading for a one-world currency extremely soon?

Of course not!

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Don’t be Silly!

In the USA, to make matters worse, we have since 2008 gained more than 14 Trillion dollars in debt. The American economy is reeling from such a foolish financial impact.

Does anyone really believe the World Banking System cannot or will not simply announce to the world they are overextended and then close their doors until further notice? Will they not (similar to the 2008 financial crash) declare America insolvent refusing America the right to print more cash or receive more credit until such time as something has changed within the US-Financial organization?  And what will that be: digital money?  Will the Banking world not say enough is enough and demand something be done to right the gross financial inequities and adjust the world’s financial organizations’ instability?

How else will the World’s Banking Organizations transform global cash based systems and outmoded financial structures to a controllable-digital regulatory system? A system where the user can be monitored managed and controlled from the corporate CEO’s laptop.  What is the downside for World Finance?


Again, let us not forget the nearly $20 Trillion America is in debt. Should America take a nose dive and drag the rest of the world’s economies into a double gainer.

Look what happened in Europe.  Many parts of the European Economy are already on the band-wagon. Sweden is on the fast-track to digitizing currency as you read this blog.  Check out the following article:


The Mark of the Beast is on its way. It is unlikely it will be called The Mark of the Beast; and however absurd it may seem, the Clarion Call has been released, announced and declared all over the world and to the masses for more than 2,000 years.  Can that just be a coincidence?  Really!  Corporations are already implanting their employees with bio-implants which contain financial elements.  When local governments begin to require their citizens to receive the Mark, which will be fairly soon, it will be extremely difficult to just say no.  For the time being, citizens are volunteering to receive the bio-implants for its novelty and convenience not understanding or recognizing they are damning their immortal souls (Revelation 14:9-11).

Saying no – will not be an option at that time. Before the new technology becomes the nation’s currency standard, everyone will already know someone who has received the Mark, in fact, you may know someone today. Many will have friends and family who have rationalized away the concerns or objections to accepting the new technology, the Mark’s, the bio-implanted tech. People will want to feel good about embracing what they intuitively know is against God’s will. Those who have acquired the new technologies will justify their actions by making silly excuses like, “Hey, it is the law,” or “We have to eat, don’t we?”

For those who have willing received The Mark… It will be toooooo late!

Many Christians at that time will use God’s Word to rationalize their ridiculous acceptance of the new technology, declaring the Bible requires Christians to obey the government or some other foolish statements.

Like it or not, THE MARK is here!  This may be the only warning many may receive.

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