Trusting and Waiting – Waiting and Trusting

Shortly after returning from Escondido, California the Lord directed me to a Tucson advertising firm. This company in particular provided free bowling and golf scorecards to bowling alleys and golf courses in exchange for the right to send in sales-personnel to sale advertising along the scorecard’s perimeter.

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Almost immediately after beginning work with the firm the Lord opened the door for me and my family to travel throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas in order to freely offer the aforementioned scorecards. While in pursuit of this endeavor the Lord brought us to Brownfield, Texas.

As we pulled into Brownfield the Lord instructed me to set up our motorhome in the city’s central park. At that time Brownfield’s central park provided 12–14 motorhome parking spaces for recreational vehicles.

After only a few days I had effectively reconnoitered every local and surrounding bowling alley and golf course and was making ready to proceed on to the next scheduled stop when the Lord instructed me to stay put. I wasn’t sure of why or what to make of the instructions but I knew well enough to stay put.

In the days that followed the Lord opened doors for us to minister, preach and sing in Brownfield including one of Brownfield’s local Assembly of God churches. We were even fortunate enough to participate through a three-day revival in their beautiful and quaint church.  Oddly, the event was rough going for the first two days; leastwise, until the Lord began to open their hearts and bless the people of that Assembly church.  I remember thinking how conservative their church was for an Assembly of God congregation.  In fact, I found their ministry to be one of the most conservative congregations I had ever encountered.  Fortunately, on the last day of the revival the people really entered in to the wonderful Praise and Worship and Spirit of the Lord moving within their midst.  On the last day of the revival the Lord opened a small window from heaven and gave numerous Words of Knowledge to congregants in need.

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I remember one woman in particular, the Lord revealed severe abuse through her husband which had been afflicting her and her children for some time. Through God’s grace and insight I was able to guide her via a Word of Knowledge and bring her and her family before their Pastor.  He had been unaware of their dire situation.  The Lord showed she and her children would receive the help they needed.  I was not privileged to see the actual release or healing firsthand, but from what the Lord revealed in the Word of Knowledge I am certain God did is wonderful healing even as He promised.

Another miracle and one of the more amazing fulfillments which occurred in Brownfield, Texas at that time took place in the park where the Lord required Pam, the kids and I to remain for several extra days. One or two days after our arrival in the park another trailer or 5th wheel parked a couple spaces down from us.  The people staying in the 5th wheel inflexibly resisted any social interaction with our family.  We said hello and waved several times, but they obviously wanted their space and we were going to give it to them.

After eight or ten more days the Lord released us to move on. As we were preparing to leave Brownfield the other family, a husband, wife and four small children, suddenly stopped us before we could pull away.  The husband said he wanted to talk to Pam and me for just a few minutes apologizing for their standoffishness and anti-social behavior. They wanted us to understand their situation and to know how the Lord had recently used us to aid in changes within their lives.

They explained they had been Pastors for the Church of God of Holiness in Massachusetts. They had been hired by the Church of God congregation in Brownfield thus requiring them to pull up stakes in Massachusetts and come to Brownfield as their Pastors.  Unfortunately, it required three-months of effort before they could untangle themselves, sale their home in Massachusetts and finally make the move to Brownfield.  During this extended period the church in Brownfield hired another Pastor and family explaining how their family had not shown up in a timely enough fashion.  The family was devastated, broken financially and spiritually.

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They had sold everything just to make the move and were now penniless. Because funds were tight, they came to the city park to set up their 5th wheel.  To make matters worse, they felt trapped after finding a family of Christians singing and playing and praising the Lord every night.  They were furious with God!  The husband said it was like rubbing salt into an open wound.

Then, praise the Lord, they said, “Your family’s singing and praising of the Lord every night over the past several days convicted us and infuriated us, but just since last night we have reconnected our hearts with the Lord and rededicated our lives to our God.”

Praise the Lord!  God knew, of course, and had them positioned in the city park for a grand reason. God knew what it would take to inspire them and care for their true needs, their walk with Him.

We did not know until then why the Lord had held us in the park or even what He was doing as we waited and sang and worshipped and prayed. God used us for His glory even while we had no idea He was ministering to our hurting neighbors.

Ask yourself, where God might be using you without your knowledge?

Who could you be impacting for better or worse in the name of the Lord?

How often in the past have you influenced others in the name of the Lord and did not know it?

God knows.  What a mighty God we serve!

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