Homeward Bound

There we were – Escondido California – ejected from Shiloh Ministries with barely a penny to our names. Doctor Earl, having planned to return to Tucson himself, offered to help us with expenses should we also choose to return to Tucson.  Unfortunately, I was not sure the Lord wanted Pam and I back in Tucson.  I did not know where to go or what to do.


So, to prayer – young believer – to prayer…

Within the hour Doctor Earl and I met up in his motorhome. He excitedly waved me over saying he had just received a Word from the Lord for Pam, the kids and I.  After sitting down, Doc in his humorously emphatic way grasped my hands and said, “The Lord told me to tell you that you, Pam and the kids are to return to Tucson and remain in Tucson until the Lord tells you otherwise.  Once in Tucson return to the church you call the Church of Love {I knew exactly what church the Lord meant} there you will find a Deliverance Minister.  When you have returned to this place God will guide you from there.”  By the way, this is not a perfect quote from Doctor Earl.  It was a period of time between receiving this Word through Doc and writing it down; therefore, it is likely I have misquoted him a little here or there.  The crux of the message – as you will learn – is still accurate.  {Interestingly, no one except Pam knew I called The Emmaus Christian Center the Church of Love.}


After returning to Tucson it took us a short while to find and visit The Emmaus Christian Center, the church I had privately called the Church of Love.  Over the course of my life I had affixed titles to the churches I’d attended based on the primary message or lesson I’d gained through the ministry.  Shiloh Ministries, for example, had become the “Condo-Bondo” church based on the condemnation-bondage I had witnessed over the previous two years.  This is not to say God did not work amazing miracles during our tenure at Shiloh.  Pam and I have yet to experience the hand of God on such an amazing level at any other ministry in over 35 years.  Wow!

On the other hand, I had often thought of The Emmaus Christian Center as the Church of Love because it’s Pastor, Richard Tanguay, only seemed to see God’s love and grace in every situation.  Such was the foundation of Richard’s heart and sermons.  As every long-time Christian should know, love and discipline both have their places in a walk with God.


So we show up at The Emmaus Christian Center that morning and wouldn’t you know, Reverend Frank Kelly, a noted Deliverance minister was in attendance at The Emmaus Christian Center and providing the message for that Sunday’s service.

At the Church of Love with a Deliverance Minister.  Isn’t God good!

During the service I was invited by Pastor Tanguay to provide some Praise and Worship as well as ministry through my own musical compositions. As usual, thank you Lord, the Holy Spirit moved touching hearts and lives.  Following the service Reverend Kelly approached me with a Word from the Lord: Frank said, “While you were playing and singing, the Lord showed me that you have the spirit of David.  Your music ministry is a ministry of deliverance.” I didn’t know what to do with this message so I placed it on the proverbial back burner and waited for God to provide a witness or two.

I began doing Praise and Worship alongside Chaplin Tanguay; Richard was the senior Chaplin for the Wilmot State Prison, Santa Rita Yard and continued to minister at the prison for the next three and a half years.

Two weeks after the Sunday service with Reverend Frank Kelly I was scheduled to provide music for The Promise Land revival in Odessa, Texas. The leadership for the revival wanted everyone involved to spend some time in prayer, praise and worship before everything kicked-off for the weekend. As I flowed through several praise songs I watched a 65 year-old woman – one who was sitting directly in front of me – become exceedingly excited.  She was much more excited than I had normally experienced during Praise and Worship; especially for a senior citizen.  For the first time in my life I was also witnessing some form of spiritual cloud or darkness lifting off of the woman and then seeing it dissipate.  At that moment, I was not sure what I was seeing, but it looked to be spiritually very negative and dark.  Her excitement drew Praise and Worship to a close just as Rita Glasscock, founder of The Promise Land ministries, senior administrator and organizer for the revival, went to the platform to give a personal testimonial.  Ms. Glasscock said:

  • “Since I was a little girl, I have always prayed that the Lord would one day show me what it was like to be in the presence of Saul, during his sufferings, when David sang and played before the Lord to drive the evil spirits away.” She then said, “The Lord spoke to me during worship and said, ‘Steve has the spirit of David, and this is what it was like to sit at the feet of Saul while David played and worshipped.’  Rita then declared, “The Lord told me Steven has the spirit of King David.”

Reverend Frank Kelly’s prophecy was witnessed from two states over and two weeks apart.

On the heels of Rita’s testimony, the 65-year-old woman still sitting directly in front of me stood up and began shouting her testimony. The woman said:

  • “I have been raised in and around charismatic or Pentecostal churches my entire life. I have watched as others entered into Praise and Worship or seemed to experience the move or feelings of the Holy Spirit, but I have never before felt anything of the Holy Spirit.  I could see their joy or exultation but I was never able to personally partake or feel the move of God’s Spirit; that is until this morning.”

She was so excited and happily rejoicing in the Lord! She thanked God because she could now feel, hear and see the move of God’s Holy Spirit.  She continued to worship God, her Lord, her Savior.  She repeatedly shouted, “Thank You, Lord!  Thank You.”  “Thank You, Lord!  Thank You.”


I remember seeing the woman so excited I became concerned for her health. During the Praise and Worship I had seen what amounted to a dark mist or presence lifting off of her, but it was so subtle at the time I was not sure of what I was seeing.  Then as the darkness seemed to disperse I considered it might have been a play on shadow or light from a passing car.  I was just not sure it was anything until she became electrified.  At about that same moment the Lord touched my spirit with understanding, thus confirming the Lord had lifted an oppressive spirit from her which had been afflicting the woman and stealing her joy for nearly her entire life.  Then I too praised the Lord knowing she was finally free!  Thank you Lord.

I shared some of my testimony with the group telling how Reverend Frank Kelly had recently shared a similar Word of Knowledge while I was in Tucson. I have no real idea what it means, but as long as the Lord continues to be happy with me and use me in His service, I’m good.

The Spirit of David prophecy:

What do you do with such a Word? I have not known what to think about this Word?  The spirit of David, what exactly does that mean?  All I can really do is ponder this question, leaving it to the Lord to decide if and when He will share its meaning.  These were the events.  I do not always know what a Word of Knowledge means or where the Lord will lead, but we just have to follow.  When trusting the Lord, He leads and we follow.

It is wonderful being a child of the Living God!

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