Inner Peace

Where does true inner peace come from?

It certainly does not come from discipline or lack of anxiety.

No, true peace can only be obtained by those who have surrendered their heart and will to God’s will.

Many Christians go through the motions of being a good Christian without ever really surrendering their heart, mind and will to God. Surrendering requires the ultimate level of trust. Defcon 1, we’re at war – to be guaranteed.  It’s not human nature, it is Christ nature.

Ask yourself, if God asked you to give up everything you really loved and follow a course only He has set and knows what would you do?

If God wanted you to live a mediocre life, in a mediocre town, doing a mediocre career so you would more effectively save souls, would you? Would it be okay if God placed you as a slave in a tyrant’s home so He could save their family? What would you say?

God wants our surrender. Only in our surrender do we yield our full trust/faith in Him.

Only when we fully trust our God can we be utterly at peace. This is where we learn He IS God.

This does not mean you must live some crazy lifestyle or live in poverty to serve God; rather, God can teach you to release your will and surrender to Him – right where you are.

Often this requires a breaking of our will and stretching of our trust/faith.

Ask yourself, can you trust God completely…, with anything?

Let the stretching begin!

Faith: stepping out on nothing – until it becomes something – because God told you to.

Ouch, that’s trust!

Can you trust God?

At first, it can often be elusive, temporary, hard to find, uncomfortable and down-right scary.

Faith/trust equals peace.

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