God’s perception of the human condition

(Romans 7:15-25)


Paul wrote: (paraphrased & summarized)

Every Christian has experienced the following contradiction:

The very things I don’t want to do – appear to be the exact things I keep finding myself doing, and that against my will. How can this be when I don’t really want to do those things?

The answer is of course – we are sinful, created to need God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.

Paul continues, if I find myself doing what is against my heart’s desire, I then accept that it is the evil/sinfulness within my flesh and not my spirit or soul which commits such sin.

For I desire to follow God’s laws; leastwise, my inner-man does.

Therefore Paul concludes, there is one law for my body warring against the law for my spirit. The body confines me to the laws of sin within the flesh, so it is not me who sins but my body.

Thank God He has saved me from this body of death!

For the price of sin is spiritual death and separation from God and His love. (Romans 6:23)

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Paul then declares in Romans 8:1-3:

There is now, no more condemnation, no more judgment as long as I am saved and genuinely pursuing my life in Christ. For being saved and following Jesus has set me free from the laws which cause sin to bring death! (Separation from God)

Jesus died on the cross for me so He could present me perfectly holy, unblameable and unpunishable when I stand before THE Father, God. (Colossians 1:19-24)

Jesus has made us free from sin and shame! God sees me equally holy with Jesus my Savior because Jesus paid my debt to sin. Thank you, Jesus, the Savior of my soul!

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