It is God Who Heals


Many years ago John P. and I had a little roofing company in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Early on, as the company struggled we hired a young man who also bore the name of John.  I don’t remember his last name at this time.

John Palosarri

John P.

On one of John the employee’s first days, he was found to be in a bad way. He and his nice motorcycle had a run-in with an oncoming vehicle which was neither good for him nor his motorcycle.

Several days later, the day after his return from the hospital, John the employee needed to work; unfortunately, he had seriously abraded his left side and leg during the accident and he was damaged to the point of having great difficulty squatting down or laying any roof tiles. It was obvious he was suffering greatly whenever he squatted or bent over to place the tiles.  It was not uncommon that morning to hear John cry out in notable pain.

During one of our first breaks I asked John the employee the following question. “If I were to pray for you right now and the Lord was to heal you at that moment would you be able to tell the difference right away?”  He quickly admitted he would be able to tell immediately.


I then asked John the employee if he would trust me to require something of him first and he very reluctantly said yes.

I had been hearing the Lord speak to my spirit and saying He was going to press John (the employee).

So I asked John if he would squat down three times as far as he could and on each respective squat – say, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

The first two squats were obviously painful. John was suffering quite a bit during each squat.  Then, on the third squat he stood up healed.  His face transformed and he was smiling.

I remember thinking it amazing the outward appearance of the wounds had not changed; however, John did not experience any further pain or discomfort during the balance of the day.

Thank You, Lord!

I don’t know what happened to John after that day. He decided to return to his home state feeling good enough to ride out of town on his motorcycle the next morning.

Lord, bless John wherever he may be.

Just another True Life adventure in God’s greatness.

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