Set Free

Doctor Earl, still standing behind me said in his soft voice through urgent tones, “Oh my, oh my!”  I could not make any connection or significance out of what this vision might mean to me.  I had lost track of the people watching in the congregation, I was just too captivated by the vision.


I said to Pastor Larry, “I see the hunter in my vision pumping his shotgun and taking another shot at the pterodactyl. The pterodactyl even received another hole in its body.”

At about this same moment the image of the pterodactyl began to melt and peel away – as if it were an image made of dark oils – blotches began dripping and spilling from the image of the pterodactyl and floated to the ground.

Pastor Larry’s voice took on a more forceful tone as he said for the fourth or fifth time, “Steve! The hunter has shot the Chicken-Hawk and it’s…”

That’s when the vision got through to me and the deliverance (exorcism) began in earnest! Suddenly I knew exactly what the vision represented:

Twice in my early childhood I had experienced demonic encounters. In both instances there were witnesses to confirm my experiences.   In the first encounter there were several witnesses including an individual who physically took shots at the creature with a shotgun, though to no effect.  The demon seemed unaffected and simply departed.  This was the hunter we all saw in the vision.

Now twentyish years later here I stood in the throes of a supernatural recreation. Five individuals other than me were experiencing this same vision, though with slightly different variations within its theme.  I knew exactly what was going on now; the creature was a Demon of Fear and I was in a fight to free myself from its destructive and evil influence.

For a moment I saw myself as that small child back in the parking lot in Phoenix, Arizona so many years ago. Though previously bewildered about what was going on, now I knew what was happening and I was terrified!   I was no longer in the vision, nor did I feel like I was still in the church at Coronado National Park (though obviously I was).

Steve's 2006 Camping Trip 058

Suddenly out of time and space I stood outside of myself in a great white vacuum seeing my body standing apart and at a slight distance from where I watched. I stood trembling with my hands held high over-head and crying out to the Lord, “On God, oh God, oh God!” Over and over I repeated my plea.

As I stood there the demon I saw in my youth was behind me with its claws sunk into my body. Its hands were wrapped around from behind me and digging its claws into my pictorial muscles.  In the same fashion the claws of its feet were also wrapped around me and imbedded in the femoral muscles of my upper legs.  The creature’s claws were firmly embedded as it clung to my back.

Somewhere far off and in the distance I could hear Larry’s voice shouting, “Steve! Tell them who you belong to!”  “Steve!  Tell them who you belong to!”  As soon as I could grasp what Larry was saying and wanting me to do, I began proclaiming: “I belong to God!”  I belong to Jesus Christ!”  “I belong to God!”  I belong to Jesus Christ!”


It seemed the more I declared Jesus my Lord and Savior the more I seemed to mean it or feel it. And the more I meant it the more the demon began to be sucked away from my body.

I could see the demon being drawn from my body as I stood there as if there were a giant vacuum drawing its hideous form away from me. So I said it the louder and the more fervently, “I belong to God!”  I belong to Jesus Christ!” finally, the demon was pulled off and away from of my body and I’ve not seen its hideous face again.  Thank You Lord.  I don’t really remember the balance of the prayers Pastor Larry and the others were praying though obviously God delivered me from the demonic force.  I am free today.

The entire ordeal was quite the discussion after Sunday service. Though I just wanted to move beyond it all everybody wanted to talk.

Later that day Pam and Crystal headed to Tucson, Arizona as Pam wanted to visit her parents and see a doctor, she was pregnant with our son. I chose to stay home in Sierra Vista.

I was seldom fearful in life; however, that night I was particularly mortified to remain alone.

I had not told anyone but I thought after all these years and what happened earlier in the day the demon from my past would put in an appearance that night. I began the evening with the stereo on and playing Christian music.  Later I kept the TV running, or anything else to maintain a constant noise in the house.

Then at 11:00 p.m., I determined that was enough. I was not going to allow myself to be afraid of something from which God had delivered me.

So, I sat alone in our home, waiting by the front door and started taunting the beast, “Come on Satan, if you got the guts – bring it on!” I fell asleep sometime during the early morning.

That next morning around 5 a.m., Pastor Larry Deason shows up at my front door. As I opened the door I heard Larry say, “He didn’t show up did he?”

I said, “What?” during those first few moments I couldn’t determine who or what Larry was talking about. Then suddenly, it dawned on me – he meant the demon.

“No.” I said. “It didn’t show up.”

Larry responded, “That’s because, if it could have, it would have – and you have been set free. It couldn’t show up.”

“Praise the Lord!” I said.

I knew it for a Spirit of Fear which had attached itself to my life from my youth.

“Thank You God for my freedom,” I declared.

All the fears I had endured and attempted to overcome for years were suddenly gone. I didn’t understand much of it at the time.  I realized all the martial arts and military training I’d subjected myself to was designed to defend against fears I hadn’t realize I’d been living with since I was a kid.

Praise the Lord!

I have been freed from fears ever since. I’m not saying I haven’t had an occasional fear from time to time, but they are quick to pass and I continue to walk by faith and not by sight.

Remember, perfect love casts out all fear!

All I Am is Yours

True life is stranger than fiction on occasion; I’d have to say on many occasions in my life.  I believe this, like many other supernatural encounters, has been allowed in my life to teach me, raise me up and mature my walk with God.  God doesn’t toy with us, He grows us up and more like Christ each day.

I think of these situations as similar to how we must sometimes teach our children to manage difficult life issues. Sometimes we have our children do difficult tasks under difficult situations so they can learn to tough it out, be steadfast and diligent.  Experience is a great teacher; however, anything to do with the Lord and His Word must stack up against the Word.

Experience does not supersede God’s Word. God’s Word supersedes our experiences.  Should one or more of our experiences conflict with the Bible then we need to reevaluate our perception of the experience.

Trust in the Lord and the inerrancy of His Word. Trust in the Lord!

God bless you all and have a great day!


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