True Love Casts Out All Fear

 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. (1 John 4:18 NKJV)

 One Sunday morning I find myself as usual, sitting in church; however, this morning was not going to be just another Sunday, nope, not for me.

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[Grandbabies: what’s not to love?]

Shortly after the service started and we were singing Praise and Worship a young-man interrupted service to address the Pastor. He told the Pastor he was seeing (in the spirit) a person trapped within a set fiery red eyes.  The Pastor, Larry Deason, asked him if he knew who the person was he saw trapped in the fiery eyes and the gentleman said he wasn’t sure.  The Pastor then instructed the young man to continue praying until he had an answer and was sure of whom he spoke.  The gentleman prayed for a few more minutes and then said it was me, Steve, trapped within the fiery red eyes.

Larry turned to me and asked if I had any idea if there was anything to the insight. I assured him I had no idea.  Pastor Deason then called me up to the platform after asking if I wanted prayer for anyways; I said “Sure, why not, if God has something for me, then I’m happy to receive the prayer.”

As I stood-up on the platform I raise my hands to the Lord as Larry began to pray for me. Dr. TJ Earl came up behind me and placed his hand on my right shoulder as we three began praying.  After only a couple of moments I started seeing a vision; however, before I could say anything to Pastor Larry about it he spoke up and said he was having a vision.  Then just as quickly Dr. Earl said he too was having a vision.  In all, five suddenly began having similar visions though slightly different.  None of us were having the exact same vision but all were seeing basically the same thing at the same time.  Just trying to be thorough.

For me, I saw the world in the vision – almost as if it were in the negative format of a photo. The sky was a dull white with the surrounding areas covered in waist high field-grass; something like wheat.  All the land was covered in the grasses except for the small clearing immediately to the center and front of where I stood watching in the vision.  The clearing was approximately three meters across and 4 meters deep.  At its closest point and to my right there stood a meter and a half tall tree stump with a thick crooked sticking protruding out and to the right.  In the crook of the stump a yellowish and grassy bird’s nest set perched and filled with five or six small chicks; as if from a chicken. I noticed that one of the chicks had an unusually oversized head and I knew immediately which one was me, of course.  After only a few moments the chicks began moving about the nest and then one by one started falling to the ground at the base of the stump.

While I was seeing the vision in my mind’s-eye, Pastor Deason was explaining what he was seeing, and though he was describing nearly the same scenery there were some variances. As Larry would describe what he saw, Dr. Earl was similarly describing his vision.  Out in the congregation John Palosarri and Rose Marie were describing similar visions, agreeing on comparable scenes.  This was not a normal scene or occurrence in our church.  Yes, people occasionally saw visions or had Words of Knowledge but this was the first time more than one person shared the same vision.

Suddenly in my vision, I noticed the chicks were becoming very agitated. They started running around franticly in circles.  Then in the sky of the vision I saw a shadow glide across the clearing causing me to look up towards the clouds.  There, in the sky overhead, looking like an image in the negative of a photograph, a black profile of a pterodactyl floated against the pale light sky.

Larry said what he saw was a Chicken Hawk; however, Doc. Earl said he saw something else, some predator though I do not remember his description at this time.


In my vision I heard but did not see a gun being fired. It was loud and pronounced but I couldn’t see where the shot was fired from.  Immediately after the shot I noticed a round whole popped into the side of the pterodactyl type image.  The hole was just behind where the pterodactyl’s neck connected to its body.

Larry abruptly declared to me, “Steve, the hunter shot the Chicken Hawk”. I said, “So.”

After Larry mentioned it, I started looking around in the vision for a hunter. I did not see the hunter at first.


Again, Larry declares boldly, more forcefully, “Steve, the hunter shot the Chicken Hawk.”

About that time I noticed the hunter dressed in what I thought was stereotypical hunter’s garb, blue overalls and aiming a pump shotgun towards the pterodactyl. The hunter was standing in the almost shoulder high wheat grass.

Dr. Earl, still standing behind me said in his soft voice through urgent tones, “Oh my, oh my!”  I could not make any connection or significance out of what this vision might mean to me.  I had lost track of the people watching in the congregation, I was just too captivated by the vision.

I said to Pastor Larry, “I see the hunter in my vision pumping his shotgun and taking another shot at the pterodactyl. The pterodactyl even received another hole in its body.”

At about this same moment the image of the pterodactyl began to melt and peel away – as if it were an image made of dark oils – blotches began dripping and spilling from the image of the pterodactyl and floated to the ground.

Pastor Larry’s voice took on a more forceful tone as he said for the fourth or fifth time, “Steve! The hunter has shot the Chicken-Hawk and it’s…”

That’s when the vision got through to me and the deliverance (exorcism) began in earnest! Suddenly I knew exactly what the vision represented:

We’ll continue next time with “This Side of the Whirlwind: True Life 18, Deliverance.”

Can’t wait to see how it all turns out?

Oh yeah, I already know! He, he, he…

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