Healed by a Touch

While living in Sierra Vista, Arizona I attended many Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) banquets and meetings. During one such meeting Bill Piot was the guest speaker.  Mr. Piot had become a well known guest-speaker among the FGBMFI men’s circles and was often used by God in the healing ministries.  On this particular evening while attending one of the meetings, a man came into the Koriyama Restaurant and randomly approached me.  The gentleman simply asked if this was the place where the guy that was doing the healing; someone named Bill Pilot, he said.  I told him it was and then pointed to the main room where Bill was currently speaking.


The gentleman then said, “Good, because I’ve come here so he can heal my arm.”

I responded, “Mr. Piot isn’t the one who does the healing; rather it is God who heals through Mr. Piot and others like him.”

The gentleman replied, “I don’t care how he does it man, I’m going to go up there so he can heal me.”  As he finished uttering those words he reached over and placed his right hand on my shoulder and said, “See ya later.”

At that very moment the Spirit of the Lord moved through me and the man’s arm was instantly healed.  The healing was so pronounced the gentleman noticed immediately and exclaimed, “Wow!  I’m healed!”


I knew in a moment what the Lord wanted me to say to this young man.  I said, “The Lord has done this to you so that you will know it is God who heals and has healed you.  It was not Bill Piot.  It isn’t the person, it’s the Creator who does the healing!”

The gentle man was so excited he turned and quickly left the building to tell family and friends of his healing.  Thank You, Lord!

Too often we give credit to humans when it is God who gives the increase.

God is good at all times and in every way!

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