All I Have is Yours

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you realized you had nothing left to offer another? I don’t use the term as a metaphor. Well, I did.  Once years ago during a portion of my life Pam and I had nothing of real material value.  Apparently God’s version of our faith-walk.  Well, during this period Pam and I had gone to Escondido California with Shiloh Ministries to help with a revival.  After more than two years without a job (remember, God instructed me to abstain from employment) Pam and I, for the first time in our lives, were without any resources.  We were living in a Roadway truck we had convert into a sort of motorhome.  It wasn’t pretty.

All I Am is Yours

by Natsumilam

On one such day as I walked in prayer I was feeling a bit down that I could no longer provide for my family or give to the Lord’s work; leastwise financially. As I walked in prayer I saw this beautiful shade tree and sat down beneath its boughs. I looked up towards the heaven and said to the Lord, “Well Lord, I may not have any material things to give you, but at least I have my love to give you.”  As I sat there praying these words to the Lord, I heard the Lord voice speaking so clearly.

You want to know what He said? The Lord who was looking down at me and feeling seeing vulnerability, feeling my uncertainty and knowing my possible grief.  You want to know what He said!

The Lord said, “No. You don’t even have that (your love).  Because the love you now have to give Me, I gave to that love to you to give it to Me.  So you are only giving Me that love which I have given you to give to Me.  You have nothing to give Me that I did not give to you first.  So even your love I gave you to give to Me.  You have nothing of your own.”

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I was crushed. I couldn’t believe it!  I couldn’t stand the idea that I had nothing to give God that He hadn’t already given me; therefore, it was not really mine to give.  I was useless and stripped naked.  I was empty and undone.  I had nothing of my own to give God.  Oh Lord that hurts!

Then the Lord opened my spiritual eyes and I could see what He was saying. He loved me when I was nothing; when I am nothing; when I have nothing He always loves me.

He always loves, has always loved and will ever love me because He is God and I am His son.

All that I am, have been, will be is the result of His creating me and loving me.

I needed to stop thinking I had anything to truly offer The-Creator.

He is the potter and I am merely the clay. He chose me among the billions which mean He has already accepted me as I am.  I am the offering which He created to be returned in full measure.

I was a bit hurt at first — but then He shined His love in my heart and I cried.

I love You Lord!

When Jesus died on the cross and resurrected on the third day and ascended to the Father He fulfilled these commandments and made my salvation possible. Thank You Lord!



Taken from “This Side of the Whirlwind” chapter 8, pages 91&92.

[Daniel 9:24 emphasis added]

Seventy weeks (490 years) are determined (are set aside) upon thy people (for God’s people, the Israelites) and upon thy Holy City (in Jerusalem) to accomplish these six tasks: 1 to finish the transgression; 2 to make and end of sins; 3 to make reconciliation for iniquity; 4 to bring in everlasting righteousness…

{First 4 Edicts of our salvation}

to finish the transgression

  1. on every level Jesus restricted the impartation of guilt.

to make an end of sins

  1. Jesus brought to a close every offense and its penalty.

to make reconciliation for iniquity

  1. Jesus made the appropriate payment needed to placate any sin and its penalty.

to bring in everlasting righteousness

  1. Jesus’ actions and sacrifice created between God and man a continuous state of harmony, a perpetual state of justice and righteousness and a state of peace to restore the bridge between God and those who have accepted Jesus as Savior and King.

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