Wakeup Call

What does it take to shake us free? What must God do before we see what is right around the corner.

Jacob’s Trouble

(Jeremiah 30)

Jacob’s Trouble, found in chapter 14 of “This Side of the Whirlwind,” began its fulfillment in Germany between 1930 and 1945. Though the prophecy was in plain sight (not hidden as was the second half of Christ’s Covenant) the European-Jewish communities could not seem to perceive the coming storm until it was too late.


Overt warning signs:

On September 14th 1930 Adolf Hitler is instrumental in taking Germany’s National Socialist Party to the second largest government faction, a task spanning only ten years.  Hitler fascinates the youth of Germany with rhetoric while older Germans are attracted to his abhorrence for the Jews.

Below you will find a smattering of the overt warning signs which should have driven every Jew from Germany and Europe before WWII. The complete list of obvious warning signs is so vast it would require dozens of pages to contain them all.  So the question is: why could the Jews of 1937 not see what was coming at them in a big way?  The answer: because God ordained prophecy to be fulfilled. Only after the Jews were returned to the mountains of Israel could the Latter Days begin, and so they have!

Let’s look over a “few” of the many warning signs which should have been too hard to miss.

In 1933 while many German Catholics embrace antisemitism:

  1. Germans implement a countrywide boycott of all Jewish-owned stores and businesses.
  2. Hitler approves decrees banning Jews and other non-Aryans from the practice of law and from jobs in the civil service.
  3. Jewish government workers in Germany are ordered to retire.
  4. Additional economic sanctions are leveled against anyone of Jewish ancestry.
  5. German citizenship is revoked for all Eastern European Jew in Germany.
  6. Jews are prohibited from being newspaper editors, reporters or publishing executives.
  7. German Jews are also forbidden from farming.
  8. Where was a guy to get a job?

Then, October 24th 1933, after barring a wide range of occupations from anyone of Jewish descent the National Socialist Party (Nazis) establish a law “Habitual and Dangerous Criminals law” authorizing the placement of all homeless, beggars and unemployed in work camps more commonly referred to as Concentration camps.

1935 a prohibition is established against encouraging Jews to remain in Germany.

  1. Jews may not display the German flag.
  2. Jews are excluded from military service.
  3. Posters flaunting, “Jews Not Wanted” sanctioned by National Social Party and distributed widely.
  4. Parliament passes several laws excluding Jews from all public business.
  5. Jews lose right to vote or hold public office.
  6. Jews are banned from marrying non-Jews.
  7. German Churches begin providing religious records indicating religious affiliation, effectively the outing of the Jews.


  1. Jewish doctors prevented from practicing medicine in German public health facilities.
  2. All Jewish assets are taxed an additional 25% throughout Germany.


  1. Jewish business owners are forced to sell their businesses, generally far below market value.
  2. Jews are excluded from working in any office throughout Germany.
  3. Concentration camps multiply throughout Germany.


  1. More laws imposed: Jews lose nearly all legal rights, deemed non-entities throughout Germany and considered to be without the benefit of civil rights.
  2. German government requires all Jews to register existing real estate and assets exceeding 5000 Marks. Jewish properties are eventually auctioned off to German citizens.
  3. A decree is formed establishing a Jewish registry. Wealthy Jews must identify themselves with the treasury offices and within local police districts.
  4. Jewish medical and legal licenses are revoked.

During 1938 it quickly became too late to leave Germany. Many nations were now requiring vast sums of money for Jewish refugees to immigrate to foreign countries. Other nations were simply refusing Jews immigration to avoid issues with Germany and its growing influences.

In October of 1938 the German government recalled all Jewish passports.

The Jews are now trapped in Germany

By September of 1939 concentration camps were well established. In 1940 the first crematorium was built.  And by 1945 more than 15 million Jews were murdered, sacrificed to Jacob’s Trouble and the fulfillment of prophecy (Jeremiah 30).

So, what about you? What is happening in your neck of the world?

Christianity is under attack everywhere. Not long ago in the USA, Homeland Security declared Christians terrorists; leastwise, those who believe the End Times are on the way.

  1. In 1948 no less than five prophecies spanning 4,000 years came to pass. Each prophecy was forecast nearly 2,000 years ago before Israel went into exile. Now, 2,000 years later Israel reemerges from the dusty pages of God’s Word, the Bible and perfectly matches these ancient prognostications.
  2. Christendom got pretty excited, as they should! Thus began the Latter Days and an 80 or less year countdown to Christ’s return and fulfillment of the second half of His Covenant.
  3. Then, in the 1950s, Archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon decided the city of Jericho was actually destroyed by Egyptians and not Israel. This determination placed the Exodus nearly 150 years too early and therefore according to scholars, inaccurate.
  4. Christians began to doubt the Exodus story.
  5. Later, based on Kathleen Kenyon’s now established timeline, archaeologists decided Joshua could not have conquered the Promised Lands regardless of what God’s Word intimates.
  6. And Christians began to doubt just a little bit more.
  7. By the 1960s “Science” takes on a new and more powerful meaning in our societies and Evolution begins to trump Creationism.
  8. Christians begin to waver.
  9. The Six Day War happens in the Middle-East confirming God’s hand covering the lands of Israel.
  10. Christians are strengthened once again. But are these events enough for Christians to see we have entered a new era of Bible Times?
  11. Programs on television and seminars in academia take on a new set-aside classic scientific –method techniques and begin to promote Darwinism and Evolution as if scientists were physically on hand to witness the neo-proto-existence of planet earth and all her wonders. Scientists begin to say phrases like, “We know” or “We have established.”
  12. And Christians vacillate under the new religion of Science! How can we refute their findings and not look foolish?
  13. Then scientists bring the Creation story under fire, as they should, and declare the universe was created by this theory and that hypothesis. Life just popped out of non-existence. Yeah, sure it did.
  14. Christendom then trembles, fearful to declare, “I believe God created the heavens and the earth in six days.”
  15. The technology for “The Mark of the Beast” now exists. The internet made possible the creation of technology like the EMV payment system: a world-wide financial system which makes possible near instantaneous financial transactions. The technology for The Mark is currently being implanted in individuals all over the world. Corporations are employing the tech for profit and convenience. Governments are looking carefully at the technology for military and surveillance of its citizenry.
  16. The world is coming to resemble the forewarnings found in God’s Word.

We are in the Latter Days. Scripturally, the Latter Days cannot span greater than 80 years (Psalms 90:10; and, the parable of the fig tree, coalitions between specific nations in these last days etc…).

If the Latter Days began in 1948 and should not exceed 80 years…?

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