healed of epilepsy.

Before I begin I want to once again mention this truth: every “True Life” post is a true life element of my walk with God.  I make every effort to write only those things which the Lord has allowed me to personally witness or experience.  There are witnesses to nearly every element written.  A walk with God cannot be based solely on experience, but must be backed up, weighted against and in agreement with God’s Word; otherwise, anything can be said to be of God.  God is not fickle.  He gave His Word as a proving ground; as a plumb line and will not contradict His given guidelines.  Weigh everything against God’s Word.  Thanks, enjoy the post and God bless – Steve…

In April of our first year serving in Shiloh Ministries, Sierra Vista, Arizona (with Pastor Larry Deason) there came a day when I felt lead by the Lord to fast and pray for seven days. This was one of my first encounters with fasting.  Boy, was that difficult.

At the time I didn’t know if there was a reason the Lord had me fasting, I just knew I “needed” to fast and pray.

One week later I received a call from my mother living in Phoenix, Arizona asking if I could come to Phoenix and pray for a family member. One member of the family was manifesting some rather bizarre behavior.


When I mentioned to our Pastor that I was heading to Phoenix he volunteered to come along. He said he too had been fasting and praying for seven days.  He said he thought this trip was likely the reason the Lord wanted him to fast the previous week.  I simply thought, “why not,” after all, I was very new to praying for healings or deliverance or anything of consequence for that matter and Pastor Deason was a veteran.  Always good to have someone on hand who knows what they are doing.

Shortly after arriving in Phoenix my mother wanted Larry and me to stop by my sister Eva’s home and pray for her family as well. Almost immediately after arriving Larry asked if something was medically wrong with Amanda.  He mentioned he could see a deliverance need as soon as he set eyes on her.  It was news to me.

My niece Amanda, age nine, had suffered from epilepsy since she was nearly fourteen months old.  As a result of the epileptic seizures, Amanda had not matured much beyond the age of five or six.  The seizures reoccurred one to three times nearly every month and Amanda would regress and not gain any ground intellectually.  After sharing these details with Larry he asked if everyone would please begin to pray.  Larry and I then laid hands on Amanda and I knew at once she was one of the reasons the Lord wanted Larry and I to fast for the week.

Once we started praying, Larry told me to start going through the motions as though I were removing a snake from around her throat.  This seemed very silly to me at the time.  Even though I was not touching her throat in any way, Amanda began to choke and cough as though I were choking her.  We carefully pressed on in prayer!  After several minutes in prayer Larry stopped praying.  He said he was finished – feeling confident the Lord had actually set her free from a demonic presence and healed Amanda of epilepsy.  Being new to deliverance (exorcism) I was unsure and just felt silly about the snake element.  Larry assured Eva that Amanda was healed, but did not want Eva to take Amanda off any of her medications for epilepsy; leastwise, not until some time had passed and Eva was certain Amanda was actually healed.

Eva, Mandy, Pat, David 96

Nearly eight months later, right around Christmas, Pam and I returned to Phoenix to see the family. By this time I had been privileged to pray for and experience God’s hand in deliverance and the healing of others.  That evening, while we visited my sister Eva in her home my niece Amanda strolled into Eva’s front bathroom as I was washing my hands.  I noticed immediately that Amanda had developed large black and blue rings around her eyes.  The bruising resembled black-eyes as though from a fight.  As I was looking at Amanda’s eyes, Eva passed by the bathroom and I immediately could ask her about the bruising.  She said she wasn’t sure, but she thought it had to do with Amanda’s medication for epilepsy.  Eva said she thought the bruising developed a few days or weeks after we prayed for Amanda’s healing.  Eva thought it was a side effect of the medications.  I then asked Eva if Amanda had suffered any further symptoms or epileptic seizures over the past eight months and Eva responded that Amanda had not suffered even one more episode.  Eva and I then agreed she should take Amanda slowly off of the medications keeping a close eye on her progress.

I then felt an unction from the Lord and placed my thumbs over Amanda’s eyes and prayed, “In the name of Jesus be healed” I said. In the time it took to say those words Amanda’s eyes returned to normal.  Very cool!

It has been more than thirty years since we prayed for Amanda. To my knowledge, Amanda has not suffered even a single epileptic seizure since that prayer.  Thank You, Lord!

Amanda has been married for nearly twenty years now and has five children. She appears to be happily married and serving the Lord.  In every way and at all times God is good!

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