Surrounding Me?

During the spring of 1985, one of my brothers came to visit Pam and I in Sierra Vista Arizona. We had moved from Tucson, Arizona recently.  My brother stayed with us for several weeks before trouble began.  During this infamous period my little brother was even instrumental in a deliverance I received; some call this exorcism.


Brother – Me – Friend

For whatever reason, reason still unknown, my kid brother decided to betray our trust and flee the state of Arizona with Pam’s 1977 Mustang, a very expensive Italian leather jacket and most precious to me, my 12 string, Blue-Ridge custom made Gibson Guitar. In hind-sight, I was much too attached to this guitar and knew it.

Though not sure what woke me, at about 4:00 a.m., I sat up and knew I needed to search the house. I found our front door wide open and our home thermostat set to its maximum setting.  The house was sweltering.  That was about the time I realized my kid brother was missing along with numerous valuable items, especially my guitar!  We knew right away what happened.  Once again my brother was off and running.  I was furious then, of course, but since then I’ve forgiven him and grown.  Thank you Lord.

Over the next several days I was able to get in touch with my mother and through her find out where my brother had gone, what he had done with the other items and sadly, that he had sold my custom guitar for just $50.00. To make matters worse, I was informed he sold my baby (my guitar) to a Satanist living in Tucson.

It took a little effort, be I was finally able to get a call through to my brother. He provided no apology at the time but was able to give a general description of how to locate the guy with my guitar.


In kindness, preacher John, now my friend John provided me with a ride up to Tucson where our things had been sold. With only a small amount of effort we were able to find the apartment where “the Satanist” was living; unfortunately, at first he was nowhere to be found.  His place was near downtown Tucson and rather secluded.  We were forced to make several trips to his apartment in an attempt to catch him at home, for we did not have a phone number or any other method with which to reach him.

We had to spend the majority of our day running errands, stopping occasionally at the gentleman’s apartment to see if he might have returned home. As the day progressed I sadly realized I might not ever retrieve that precious guitar.  Fortunately, somewhere during this process I realized I cared much too much for the guitar.  It is just a thing.  I finally turned my sense of loss over to God and asked Him to forgive me for putting so much value on a silly guitar.  I prayed, “Lord, if it’s Your plan or will that I should never recover this guitar, I relinquish it to You now and that’s okay.”

We were coming to the end of our time in Tucson and had to return to Sierra Vista, Arizona soon. Knowing we had just enough time for one more attempt at retrieving the guitar, I asked John to make the last jaunt before returning to Sierra Vista.  He quickly agreed and we made the final trip across town.


As we parked outside and below the apartment I could hear my guitar being played. As I had mentioned before, by brother led me to believe he had sold the guitar to a Satanist, which to me was the ultimate insult.

As I began climbing the stairs I was also praying. I prayed with the idea I was about to enter a spiritual battlefield.  As I mounted the steps I noticed what appeared to be a yellow aura emanating from all around me.  At first I didn’t know what to make of this golden light.  However, as I drew closer to the door I could feel a sense of righteousness from the Lord pouring into my spirit.  I was empowered with the righteousness of God as I stepped up to and knocked on the door.

The music stopped; surprisingly it was just a little Cat Steven’s. Nothing too evil I mused.  The door suddenly swung open with a normal looking person standing in the doorway; my guitar hanging around his neck as he, in his most Evil – Satanic – Voice asked, “What up?  What can I do for you?”  So evil!  Wait, I thought, screeching to a halt?

I quickly placed my hand over my eyes and beginning from the top of the guitar rattled off six to ten identifying features that only the owner of the guitar could possibly know.

David, not a Satanist, stood there in the doorway dumb-founded. He then declared, “Wow man, I don’t know why, but I trust you more that any person I have ever met.  Please, come on in and tell me what’s up.”

I shared with David the story of how my middle brother had stolen my wife’s car and numerous other items and fled with my guitar. David, repeated his previous comment saying, “Like I said, I don’t know why, man, but I trust you more that any person I’ve ever met.”

David handed over my guitar while saying , “Here dude. This is obviously your guitar.  You can have it back.”

I offered to pay him for my guitar or anything else my brother had sold him, but he adamantly refused the take any payment. He said he should have known better anyways.  He realized there was no way a person would sell a Gibson 12-String for a mere $50.00.

I was able to then share the gospel with David, telling him about the love of Jesus Christ. That very meeting allowed David to give his heart to the Lord.

David said he was not a Satanist, but admitted some of the guys partying at his place that infamous night certainly were. Curiously, the one thing David was most concerned with was the fact he was about to enter the US Military in several weeks and just wanted until then to have a nice guitar to play.

My brother and I had recently been working on an old electric guitar. We had stripped it down and made it ready for repainting; so, I told David, my not so Satanist new friend and new brother in Christ, that I would make sure he received that other guitar as soon as possible.  We were able to get that newly painted electric guitar in his hands with a small amplifier by the following day.  Praise the Lord, another soul for the kingdom of God!

I think it is important to note the Lord did not return my guitar until after I had relinquished it from my heart and into His hands. Since that day, there has not been any material item which has held that same level of significance in my heart.  Lord willing, there never will be.

Notice how God prepared me for a battle very different than the one I expected.

God’s righteousness translated onto David trusting me according to God’s will and resulted in God being glorified. David’s soul was saved for ever and ever!

Are there things in your life you hold too dear?

Are there people in your life who hold a place so valued they displace God’s first-place position in your life and relationship?

Do these individuals hold a greater place of priority than they should?

There is a time coming soon when Jesus will need to be your first priority. Your walk with God number one!

When feeding your family, paying your bills, keeping your job and living in your house “means” taking the Mark of the Beast, what choice will you make?

The Great Consummation is almost here. Don’t take the Mark under any circumstances.

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