For Your Amusement:

The Toad Abode


There once lived a frog whose abode was a toadstool

Whose black and yellow eyes were always looking for a feast

He loved his habitat so close was this and that

All within his reach satisfaction was replete…

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His sky was blue on blue

And his stream was filled with food

The sun’s great heat it soon abated

By the mushroom his head was shaded

And the fungi drew his prey

So most pleasant was each day…


Then one balmy amorous night

His black and yellows they caught sight

Of a beauty more than rare

Whose slender flippers were most fair

When her song she croaked and sung

His heart grew warm and croaked along…


It was then that he did know

He must have her – he must go

Forgo his grand most safe abode

To have this beauty by his side

He must make her his new bride…


But what of his abode

Dare he leave and take the chance

For one daring night’s romance…

Would she in turn find him eye-catching?

He might not similarly be so fetching.

He might be loathsome in her sight

What would he do if he were right…


It was then that he decided

And forcefully he chided

Himself for ever doubting

His handsome lips now a pouting

What she-toad could him resist

His abode and handsomeness

Toadstool heaven he would chase

Thank you God what a place!

By Steven R. Harrel – 2009